The Mishiwaka Amphitheater

The Mish is a not so well known gem in the Colorado music scene. Amazing setting, beautiful surroundings, a parking nightmare and fun and funky place to camp that has a shuttle to the venue which can solve the parking nightmare for those who get a spot.

July 12 - Sam Bush Band
July 29 - Punch Brothers
Sept. 5 - Emmit Nershi Band
Sept 6 - Rowan Rice Quartet

Indeed, the line-up at the Mish is stellar this year! Derek Trucks should be a good one too. I’ll be up there for Sammy this weekend. Anyone else going? Like Paul said, the place is a parking nightmare…like nothing else, but it’s such a sweet place to see a show.


Hey, Matt & Becky…I’ll be there on Saturday, and hopefully will be camping
out at the Columbine Lodge (which is supposedly “full” this weekend).

Right on John! Becky is actually back in Vermont right now with Alaina, so it will just be me there this weekend. That means I get to a little bigger than normal! It’s also Eric the Freds B-day, so that spells trouble for sure. Should be a good time. I’m still not sure what I’m doing for camping yet. I might just do some backcountry camping up Young’s Gulch. If I can arrange a way to get back home safely that night then I’ll probably just go home after the show. You’re welcome to crash at our place if you want.


Hey guys… Being new to the area and not sure of distances, etc., I’m wondering if you can tell me how far it is from Ned to the Mishiwaka? Should I plan on camping? Is the parking situation as desperate as you’ve all posted?

So many questions… so little time!

xoxo R <----- hungover from birthday celebrations!

I’m guessing it should take a little under 2 hours. It’s probably an hour and a half or so from Ned to Ft. Collins, and then another half hour to get to the Mish. Camping is the way to go if you can find spots available. It definitely wouldn’t be fun driving back to Ned after the show. There are a few campgrounds within a few miles of the venue, but I’m not sure of availability at this point. The biggest thing is that you car needs to be off of the highway by 2:00 am or it will be towed. There is no parking on the highway from 2:00 am - 6:00 am. I think this is mainly to keep people from sleeping in their cars. Anyone on this list is welcome to crash at my place in Fort Collins. We have floor space and tent space in our back yard. If you don’t mind hiking a little and camping backcountry style, there is the Young’s Gulch trailhead about a mile east of the venue. You have to hike about a half mile up the trail before you can camp, but it’s a good option for the adventurous types. It’s also a place where you can leave your car overnight.

What Matt said…plus…you can find lodging info at under the Lodging
link. Camping is definitely the way to go, but many
of the campsites are either reserved or fill up fast.

BTW, Matt, thank you for your kind offer!! I’ll know tonight
whether or not I’ll be set for camping this weekend.