The line and number policy for Rockygrass

I write to ask what the true line and “random” number distribution policy is for Rockygrass. We just attended Telluride Bluegrass and although the policies stated the numbers would be randomly distributed, they were in fact distributed straight up chronologically, meaning those who decided to leave their chairs in a line several days before the venue even started, got number 1 and on down the line. Folks who had been going for years said they always sleep overnight in the line and get their low line numbers that way. Although that seems “cool” for them, it robs everyone else, including families, from any chance of having a good view or early entry to get a good view to the concert. We ended up looking at the back of many, many Kelty tents with absolutely no view (please do not bring Kelty tents, they are not see-through) and we ended up leaving early because the kids were just so bored. Obviously some devotees can sleep over night and reminisce but the next generation of bluegrass lovers might just be waiting for a true random number line policy and considerate festivarians.

RG is different from TBF in that the numbers are absolutely randomly handed out the night before at midnight. You get in line, go through the entrance and you get a random number for the next day. I feel it is a more fun and interactive process than Telluride. Good Luck, enjoy FESTIVAL!

Thank you for the reply! It helps to know that what is promised is practiced.


Did you enter TBF from the town side? I ask because on the campground side our numbers were random. We actually reached into a cardboard box to get one.