The Lil' Smokies at TBF

There is no good reason on the face of the earth that The Lil’ Smokies should not be playing Telluride in 2019 and many reasons that they should. Join me if you agree!

I can’t get enough of them so I’m definitely in solid agreement with you!

I have only seen their first grass set last year. So I’d be down for another set. Plus I was worn out after a full afternoons bike ride, and they would sound way better on the main stage.

Heard they killed it in Mexico!

Totally. Their late night set was off the charts. Maybe the best I’ve seen them.

Smokies were my favorite last year at first grad and elk park. They are the future. . We also need to tag trampled.

Smokies opened in KC for the Friday lineup, and then headlined the Nightgrass show. I had seen them open the Sat line up in Telluride in 2016. They just keep on getting better!

But, I got my wish to see RRE at Telluride. It’s a great lineup this year, across the board.

They’ve earned a main stage slot!! After winning the TBF Band Competition, burnin’ down the stage with their prized main stage set, their First-Grass set and Elks Park performances, they’ve been nothing but loyal to the Planet and it’s time for the Planet to show a little love.
These guys have dedicated their lives to being the next generation of innovative, driving bluegrass and we need to support them on this journey. They’re wonderful musicians with the dedication rarely seen in music today.
Let’s do the right thing and bring them back as often as we can!