The Kaptain checking in....

Howdy Folks! I finally secured a TP ticket for TBF 2008 and have decided it’s high time to check-in and add my 2 cents worth to this forum from time to time. So here we go… Last year in camp during the festival John R. roamed into camp and wondered out loud “Why doesn’t Camp Run-A-Muck have a bunch of BBQ’s in camp?” After pondering over this question for about six months, I said to myself “Vye-Olah!” TBF 2008 is gonna be the year of BBQ over at Camp Run-A-Muck. With plan in hand, I bought myself a smoker for X-mas and have been Q-in’ on the weekends ever since perfecting recipies for brisket, pulled-pork, smoked turkey, baby-back ribs… all the bbq favorites plus one of my all-time favorite appitizers … Atomic Buffalo Turds (don’t worry… they’re killer). I’m even considering buying another pit so we have ample rack space for all the food I’m hopin’ to Q! Well, that’s it for now… Hope everyone is happy, healthy, and gearin’-up for Telluride!

Hasta Luego

Kaptain Karlos :dog

YUM-O Karlos… Can’t wait, I’m starting to drool already

Glad to hear your ticketed and have such yummy sounding plans. Holy smoke you sound ambitious. Don’t hurt yourself!

Karlos I thought you were going to take it easy this year!

:lol :pipe :rollin :clap

Hi Kaptain, or should that be "Ai Ai Kaptain’’

words can’t express my excitement!!! I may be on a mostly raw diet (um, except for ABGAT and festival time) . . but there are very few things i love more than good ol’ barbeque . . . and one is spending time with run-a-muckers and friends, SO, the BBQ news just made me that much more crazy with anticipation :flower i know it’s early, but let me know if I can help! Anything I can bring from maine?

OOPS, sorry Karl, forgot to say HI! :wave

good to hear from you

MMmmm… grilled lobsta :thumbsup

I’ll second that, how bout some cranberries for the cranberry glaze that goes on the lamb? Blueberries could also work :wink:


Although not much rivals Maine blueberries I may actually have just the thing! A foodie pal included some canned (well, jarred) blueberries in our christmas gift package. I’ve been thinking of some sort of dessert topping but they’d be marvelous as a glaze for lamb. Say the Kaptain and they’re packed in our gear.

love, kym

Okay Sarah, if you want to do Blueberries this year how about freezing them and using them as ice packs in the cooler!

Auntie Hope :pickin

haha, yeah, wouldn’t want to make the same mistake as last year . . . although I got a nice pair of purple died pants out of the deal (however, not sure Continental airlines enjoyed my choice of seat color for their new upholstery).

oh and umm, Adam, if i can’t manage to keep blueberries safe enough during an 8 hour flight, how will i keep lobsters fresh for 2, 650 miles of driving? :rolleyes

Easy… buckle a fish tank into the front seat, and try not to bond with them too much on the long drive. :flower

No, we don’t want another disaster happening!

Just remember, they do not qualify as a carpooler… :drive

I found that out the hard way when I was driving back from Flagstaff with DukTape Man last year. :eek

He still owes me for the tickets… :spill

PS Great pic, Adam!

:popcorn :popcorn :popcorn :popcorn :popcorn :popcorn :popcorn :popcorn :popcorn :popcorn :popcorn :popcorn :popcorn :popcorn

yeah, that would be a sight, uh Hope?? HA!!

they’ll keep for weeks packed in ice. just don’t ask them to share the driving. :drive

that just sounds weird to me. we usually don’t eat lobsters unless they were alive when cooked (awwww, man that’s sad). And uh, sorry everyone, but this broke grad student soon to be real worlder can’t afford lobsters for all you hungry people!

Oooooh… that sounds delicous Kym. You bring the berries and I’ll smoke the lamb!


P.S. Yessssss Anne… I did promise Hippie Jerry and others that I’d take it easy on everybody this year at the TBF regarding the amount of gear I show-up with and ask help with. I’ve made a personal promise not to tow the trailer… but someone else can! :evil

P.P.S. Sarah - Erndog wants to drive the Love Bus from the East Coast out to Telluride this summer. He has a big 12-volt cooler that will keep those lobsters alive… hint hint wink wink. :cheers