The Infamous Stringdusters Set List

The Infamous Stringdusters
Telluride Bluegrass Festival
June 17, 2011

  1. Steam-Powered Aereoplane

  2. (Coast of California)

  3. Get It While You Can

  4. You Can’t Stop The Changes

  5. (instrumental)

  6. Keep on Truckin’

  7. In God’s Country

  8. Walking on the Moon

  9. (Nothing to Hide)

  10. Getting Down The Road

  11. (It Don’t Mean Nothing To Me)

  12. (Only Wasting Time)

  13. Ain’t No Way of Knowing

  14. Fork in the Road

Please let me know if you can confirm any song titles or if you have any corrections. Titles in parentheses are guesses.

I didn’t write down the setlist that day, nor do I have a copy, but I think I can fill a few of those blanks. If you want to upload the unknowns to yousendit or sendspace, I can probably identify the other tunes.

  1. Hitchhiker - this song? →
  2. Taking a Chance on the Truth - track 4 in the 3/17/11 show? →

And I’m pretty sure they played Benny Galloway’s How Far I’d Fall For You somewhere in that show… see track 5 in the 5/29/11 show →

Yeah, they played that Burle song somewhere in the set. Is it possible it’s one of the songs I have in parentheses? Do any of my parenthetical titles sound like lyrics from the song? If not, I may have left it out accidentally. I’ll give it another listen and make updates.

Unfortunately, I can’t upload individual songs from the set at this point.

Thanks for your help!


Nah, none of those in parentheses sounded like lyrics from How Far I’d Fall For You. If you want to jot down a few lyrics in those unidentified songs, I might be able to identify them.

12 might be Masquerade. I think I remember them playing Magic #9. It’s an instrumental, so it might be 5. Both songs are off the Things That Fly Album if you want to confirm.

You mentioned that you can’t upload individual songs at this point. Do you think you’ll be able to seed this show somewhere at some point? If possible, I’d be much obliged. I haven’t seen it elsewhere and would love to be able to give it another listen.

Yes, finally. The Stringdusters festival set is up at So good to hear this again. :thumbsup

01 - Steam Powered Aereoplane
02 - Hitchhiker
03 - Get it While You Can
04 - You Can’t Stop the Changes
05 - Black Rock
06 - Keep on Truckin’
07 - In God’s Country
08 - Walking on the Moon
09 - Magic #9 > Taking a Chance on the Truth
10 - Getting Down the Road
11 - Don’t Mean Nothing To Me
12 - Masquerade
13 - How Far I’d Fall For You
14 - Ain’t no Way of Knowing
15 - Fork in the Road