The Infamous Stringdusters and The Waybacks co bill August 3

Guess who is staying in Colorodo after RockyGrass to catch this concert? :slight_smile: It is at the Arvada Center for the Arts. … outdoor venue with some seats covered and also lawn seating. More information at


we (“dancin-feet” Teresa Walters and I) have rounded up a group of thirty who will be there.
Hope to see lots of you there, too!


I’ll be there - hope to see you there :slight_smile:

Looks Like I have an extra front row ticket… anyone interested in joining us tonight?

If so, get in touch VERY SOON!


I will take it :slight_smile:

OMG… you should have come anyway. The show wasn’t sold out… and the rain stopped fairly soon.

The show was AWESOME. sorry you missed it.

The Stiingdusters came out and Joined the Waybacks for the last number (Bright Place) and for the encore.

There were a pile of festivarians there. Everyone already knows i am huge Waybacks fan, so I will let someone else sing their praises here.


Well their performance was AWESOME but way too short. With two bands playing, it happens that way. The Stringdusters joined them for a great jam of Bright Place and also for the encore. but… yes, it was one of those great great sets… though they didn’t do Cumberland or Monkey Pants as I hoped that they would but… it was SOOOO worth me waiting around all week!

Next time I will give you a personal reminder!


Quite nice, it was the first time I’ve been there and it’s about a 20 minute drive for me. A venue that I won’t hesitate to go back to.

Well, I had sooooo much fun with all of the festivarians who made it to our home for dinner before the show! How fun it was for Dave and I to have you over.
The seats that LuAnna and I purchased were in the orchestra pit and our seats in the front row were so close to the stage that our knees touched when we sat down! Wow!
The Infamous Stringdusters tore it up and got us all going for the Waybacks. A group of “youngsters” with an amazing amount of talent! I just love to hear Travis sing, what a voice.
THe Waybacks never dissapoint and were so much fun. Pertrified Man was great and so fun to see live.
The Waybacks asked the Stringdusters to join them in the end and it was so mesmerizing to watch them all trading licks, one just right after the other and each with precision and skill.
19 Nervous Breakdown was quite a nice surprise at the end
What a wonderful venue and only 5 minutes from home!
We need more good shows there!