The House Band?

On the description of The House Band it says “…these six musicians…” however, I only see 5 listed. Is there a secret 6th person? Is Luke playing again? :huh

I was wondering that myself, however i have no answers.

No answers here, either. :wink:

Either I’m reading too much into the wink, or there’s a yet to be announced fiddler.

Unless Sam is playing fiddle and Chris Thile is sitting in on mandolin. :wink:

You mean there are six?


I said something like that o my brother earlier. Except it was Drew Emmitt on the mando and Sam on the fiddle.

I heard that John Hartford is coming back from the dead to play some fiddle at Telluride, only Telluride… :cheers

Let’s just pencil in Mark O’Connor right now and call it Strength in Numbers Plus One.

Sam would be great on the fiddle, he is better on the fiddle then he is on a mandolin I think, and if that is the case I’d rather see Drew Emmitt then Chris Thele on the mandolin

I wouldn’t mind Sam on the fiddle, but I’d MUCH rather see Thile on the mandolin for the house band.

I saw Brian Sutton and Luke Bulla on Tuesday night and they were just wonderful. I’m pretty sure Luke has plans to be in T’ride this June! :thumbsup

Auntie Hope :pickin :green

Nice meeting you Tracy!

PLEASE! NO Chris Thile in the Houseband EVER.

My guess is that they’re gonna bring in Tim O’Brien, that way he and Sammy can trade off between Mando & Fiddle. Plus, Timmy can sang!

Kind of like putting a pig on lipstick, just ruins the lipstick.

I assume it will be Luke.

I would hope Planet Bluegrass tell us ahead if it’s Thile. I can plan leaving early then.

Don’t you mean lipstick on a pig :lol :pig

cool more room for me :woohoo

Tim would be pretty epic, but Luke was amazing and I would like to see him play with the House Band again

I thought Luke was great last year; although the O’s (O’Connor and O’Brien) wouldn’t be a let down.

I agree with a veto on Thile. Just doesn’t fit the vibe. Luke does!

Luke can sang too!

Wow. Not much love for Chris 'round these parts. Maybe I missed something from last year??

I get that some folks don’t care for the style of music he’s playing these days but he’ll certainly be the best mando player there… and maybe the most versatile musician ta boot.

We were lucky enough to catch the late night Sheridan show last year and it was my favorite music of the weekend (and one of the best shows i’ve ever seen). Some might say thats all well and good but it was also probably the best BLUEGRASS we saw. Tight, explosive, not too noodly or showy. Better than the McCoury boys and friends, even better than (dare i say) Hot Rize. All the others were great SCR, Spring Creek, Skaggs and Hornsby, Yonder… but someone had to be the best and they were it.

Whoever plays in the House Band will be terrific just can’t see why the hating on Thile.
Somebody clue be in.

later on folks