The Horse Flies 2010.07.24 38th Annual Rockygrass Avantone Ck-1 omni's

here is the link to the horse flies set from sat. 7.24


any help with setlist is appreciated.


  1. Intro
    Did anyone tape Friday night’s Moongrass show at the Wildflower? Soundboard? Here’s Saturday nights set list.

  2. Intro

  3. Veins Of Coal

  4. Three Shoes

  5. Baghdad Children

  6. Sally Ann

  7. Drowning Is A Good Way For Love To Begin

  8. Cluck Old Hen

  9. 14 Reasons

  10. Rafting (From My Front Door)

  11. Drunkard’s Child

  12. Last Train To Rajastan

  13. Pretty Little Girl

  14. Encore applause, Beetle Talk

  15. Human Fly

I don’t have the setlist, but at Moongrass it was “Drowning is a good way for love to end.” Much more Horse Flies than “begin”.