The Frames set list

The Frames
Telluride Bluegrass Fetival
June 21, 2008

  1. Trying
  2. Evergreen
  3. Seven-Day Mile
  4. God Bless Mom
  5. The Stars Are Underground
  6. A Caution To The Birds
  7. Sad Songs
  8. Rent Day Blues
  9. People Get Ready
  10. Revelate
  11. Friends And Foe
  12. Santa Maria

13. Fitzcarraldo
14. Red Chord…

Anybody know where this show might be obtainable? FTP, BitTorrent, B&P, Trade?

Yeah, B&P here.

In a vague attempt to be environmentally friendly are there no downloads available for this set?
Am happy to do the b+p but its easier all round for a download no?
Owen is the meister for all the TBF 08 recordings-did anyone else get the Frames/Swell Season too?,4012.msg30594.html#msg30594

Happy Thanksgiving

Frames are up at w/out txt file(i’ll add one later) was up doing it late last night. enjoy.

Happy Thanksgiving particularly to you John! All downloaded and about to listen to it.
Anyone wish for an audio visual delight of a blistering Astral Weeks from the following nights set:
And some snaps from Frames set

Thanks again John!