The Festivarian lost

This year we lost a festivarian. Out of respect for the family I will leave out the names and places. As a volunteer I had a front row seat to everything that happened the morning he was found. I would like to say that how Planet Bluegrass handled the situation was so extremely respectful that it was amazing. I can not pick out one thing that PB could have done any better to show that they care about what happened and how things were handled. I personally saw the supervisor for all of the campgrounds go from a no-nonsense get-it -done boss, to a big puddle of human being that was all heart. Although this was a great tragedy, there in no doubt it was purely personal health issues and nothing else.
I would like to thank Planet Bluegrass and the supervisors for how they handled this great loss. I don’t think anybody could have done anything better to show more respect than they did. How they handled the situation makes me very proud to say that I get to be a part of Planet Bluegrass, no matter how small my part is. Thank you.

This is sad news.
PBG is compassionate, responsive and also very organized and professional. Have my heart and my heart goes out to you.

You have many friends and you set the bar high. We love you for that.

I agree :medal

This is sad news, indeed. I was staying in town and did not hear this. Good for you, Planet Bluegrass.

For anyone that didn’t hear, another festivarian was lost in a fatal accident on I-70 on her way home. Thoughts, prayers and good vibes to the family and friends of this young music lover.