The Duhks set list

The Duhks
Telluride Bluegrass Festival
June 22, 2008

(Mighty Storm)
Old Cook Pot
(Afrobeat Tune)
Down On The River
Mountains o’ Things
New Rigged Ship
This Fall
Toujours Vouloir
95-South Cadillac (with Tim O’Brien and Abigail Washburn)
Death Came a Knockin’ (with Abigail Washburn)
(new song introduced as instrumental, but plenty of French lyrics)

E: (Les Bleus du Cadien)/Whole Lotta Love

(Thanks to bgw for the first four songs. Song titles in parenthese are unconfirmed. If you know the actual song title, please post.)

There were four tunes before you showed:

1 (Mighty Storm)
2 Old Cook Pot
3 (Afrobeat Tune)
4 Down On The River

No. 4 is the Cajunish tune

Parenthesis are a guess…