The Dillards

So, the Dillards are coming to Tucson this weekend.
As a fan of the Andy Griffith Show this should be fun. I have enjoyed their playing my whole life on the show, it will be cool to see them live. They are playing at our local Nimbus Brewery which serves up the best microbrew in the state imho.
Has anyone else seen the Dillards, any thoughts, memories on them or the Andy Griffith show :)…?

These are the same guys that played the Darlings in the 60’s??? Damn…how old are they?

Well i do know that Doug’s Song is a great tune, and Doug still plays it at their shows :slight_smile:

Yup Jess, thats them. :thumbsup

It seriously pains me that I have to miss this show!!! Gonna be playing at the quartzsite BG fest all weekend:(

I’ve heard tell of a Cadillac Mountain reunion goin on at that show as well:)

I completely agree with you about the beer at Nimbus! great stuff! Have fun!!!

Nate that is awesome that you are booked at Quartzite this year. I am heading to Havasu and Parker on Sunday but won’t get that far south. I’m a picking up an IK I bought from this gal in Havasu and then are gonna do some paddling.

Have fun!

Nate I think you guys are coming back to the Nimbus in March? Hope to make that show if its true.
Dillards should be fun Sunday, I am looking forward to it!

:wave Hey aztoma, hope you had a blast at the Dillard’s show!!

It looks like our next show in Tucson will be Fri april 10 at the Hut. I’ll let ya know if something a lil sooner pops up. Thanks for askin’! :cheers

Well, the Dillards were, as expected, a fun show on Sunday. Rodney and Doug Dillard were there along with a mando/fiddle player, & a bass/guitar player. The sound was good, the pickin was hot. It was a real treat to see these guys. After each set they took time to sign autographs and mingle with their fans.

Although I am a big fan of the Darlin Boys on Andy Griffith, I had never really ‘studied up’ on the Dillards. After talking to Doug Dillard a bit on Sunday, I realized I was extremely unknowledgeable of their musical history. The Dillards have played with so many top bluegrass (and other genres) musicians.
The have played with: Sam Bush, Vince Gill, Ricky Skaggs, Earl Scruggs Hoyt Axton, Johnny Cash, Arlo Guthrie, Vassar Clements, Harry Nilsson, Bob Lind, Linda Ronstadt, Kay Starr, John Hartford, Glen Campbell, The Monkees, Aztec Two Step, Gene Clark with The Gosden Brothers, The Byrds, Judie Sill, Jess Pearson, James Lee Stanley, Steven Fromholz, Tom Pacheco, Michael Melford, Paul Hann, Michael Martin Murphey, Woody Guthrie, Ray Park, John Anderson, Larry Groce, Michael Nesmith, Ron Davies, Jim Ringer, Millenium, Hayseed, Larry Perkins, Byron Berline and The Beach Boys to name a few!
Doug even toured with the Byrds.

I have been educating myself since Sunday, here is a link to some history if you are interested:

If you like their sound, here is a link to Doug Dillards direct webpage, any music purchased there goes directly to him:
(Sam Bush is on the Jackrabbit cd)

What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon!
(back to Lurk mode :))

I just saw this thread and I had to look back through the archives until I found Doug Dillard at Telluride. I guess my memory is better than I remember