The Denver Nuggets in Telluride

No, they aren’t coming to Telluride. But-

After years of waiting, the ultimate conflict has sprung up and the Nuggets are in the Finals during TBF.

Fellow Nuggets fans, what are you planning to do about this conflict?

What are everyone’s favorite sports bars or places to catch a game in Telluride? Anyone know if there’s a place that’s showing the Nuggets games with sound on?

I’ll be in Telluride from game 4 til the end of the finals, would love to meet up with fellow Nuggets Fans to watch games.

:basketball: Nuggets in 5 :basketball:


I’m just guessing that everywhere with a TV will have it on, not sure about sound on. Brown Dog might.

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Just came here to ask the same question. Hopefully they can close it out in 5 and there will not be a a game 6 or 7 during the fest. But if it comes to that who will have a TV set up in Town park so I can watch the game and listen to String cheese or god for bid a game 7 with Robert plant?? Tough times, tough times I tell yah…

@drnokbot we def have a wild couple of weeks ahead. Im thinking about trying to figure out an ipad/hotspot setup for games 6/7 if they happen, but was hoping someone in Town Park will be a superfan and just have enough solar power to run the full TV setup haha

Brown Dog, Floradora (bar area), High Pie, Last Dollar saloon, and Smugglers will all have the games. Guessing at least Last Dollar will have audio. They get PACKED during sporting events. Arrive early and plan to eat and drink! Note Last Dollar doesn’t do food, but you can bring it in from other establishments.


i just plan to stream on my phone.