The Dead

OK, so I did this when I bought a new album I was really excited about, just so I could share my joy with people who actually know who I’m talking about, unlike the people I’m surrounded by. So, here goes, I get to see The Dead, The Doobie Brothers, and the Allman Brothers in one night!!! This is going to be epic beyond belief!!!

Sounds like a good time make sure have a drink for all of us that can’t be there. :cheers

which show are you going too?
I would way excited!! wish I could make the Dead show in Denver

:thumbsup :cheers

hey Sug - enjoy yourselves w/ your friends. That’s where it’s at.

Here is an account for the historic soundcheck for The Band, Allman Bros, and The Grateful Dead. 600,000 of us were at Watkins Glen, July, 28, 1973.

“Bill Graham allowed the soundcheck with the crowd of people in front, and The Band ran through a few numbers to the delight of the audience. The Allman Brothers Band did their soundcheck next, playing “One Way Out” and “Ramblin’ Man”. The Grateful Dead’s legendary soundcheck turned into a two set marathon. Considering that most of those who attended the event hailed from the Northeast, and that the average age of those present was approximately seventeen to twenty-four, close to one out of every three young people from Boston to New York was at the festival.”

Grateful Dead - 1974 - Wall of Sound

Guys this isnt a plug But
Im Soooo Hooked into Xm/Sirrus
Dead Channel !

I’ll be at the last show of the tour, Quincey Washington, driving over 15 hours to get there but it’ll be way more then worth it :cheers

yeh the dead xm radio station is the best! i love the tales from the golden road segment they do. i’ve heard some great stories on there…
and for the dead this spring, i’m going to see the tour opener on easter, and i cant wait!!! got tickets the day they went on sale, and hotel reservations
im just as excited to see some old friends i hadn’t seen in years at the show. nuthin like good people having a good time listening to good music!

and did ya see the lineup for rothbury: the dead, dylan and his band, willie nelson, and cheese… gonna be good, but i’d still rather be in telluride if ya ask me… gotta hear the bluegrass in the mountains, i feel like i’d been waiting my whole life to make it to telluride and this year is the year!

Thanks man, this was great!!! :thumbsup

You are going to love The Gorge!

I’ve heard that it’s one of the best places to see a concert, I’m really excited to go there! That and I love Washington. And what better band could there be for my first visit there? :cheers

Leftover Salmon???

But in all seriousness, I’m really looking forward to this show. Almost as much as I’m looking forward to telluride, honestly. (blasphemy, I know).

You know I love Lefotver Salmon, but their will be plenty of time to see them in the future, not so much with the Dead, and as for looking forward to it as much as Telluride, I’d say close to for me, but Telluride is still bigger and better

I have tickets for the Dead in Denver, but if my friend from Hawaii can’t make it, I may be selling them. I hope to not have to do that, but I’ve been to so many GD and Dead and Other Ones shows that if I don’t go it won’t be that big a deal but definitely a bummer. Too many other festivals to go to this summer anyway.
Two of those shows were in Telluride in '87.

Just curious, is anyone from SW CO going? Maybe we could carpool if I end up going.
Also, is anyone on this forum from Denver area going? The fun doesn’t stop after the last song, or after the last car leaves the lot, so I may need a place to continue the energy that is always there. Chief Hosa perhaps?

Ya know what stinks? The only show on the tour that would work for us is Greensboro and being that that is the last day of our spring break before our students come back means that it really doesn’t work either. Fortunately we just spent New Years Eve with Phil and Bob in San Francisco just didn’t get Micky and Billy

I’ll be glad to see the Dead before TBF. Take a trip to Denver with a couple of people that never have seen those boys, two of us will teach them a bit about that music history. They play in a band that does covers and their keyboard player has taught them a couple of Dead tunes, but they don’t know much about the Dead scene. I was reading the best memories of TBF and I thought about seeing the Grateful Dead in Telluride, I think that is why its so hard to remember the early years at Telluride. I wonder if I’ll know any of the songs? Maybe I can get those guys to come to TBF next year, expand their horizons.

I’d love to see the Dead in Telluride. And you should definately bring them, the more the merrier :cheers

hot sugar, i gotta ask, what is that picture on your avatar???

Here’s your answer.

It’s a pink floyd album cover. I wanted to upload a picture of me in the Beartooth Mountains but it didn’t work :frowning:

that is awesome man