The Bush Retirement Party (Austin TX 1-17-2009)

Only one more year to go. More information to be added including lineup and venue.

Or check out

Hope to see everyone there. It’s the party the whole world’s been waiting for…the end of an error.

So is this spam or will there be bands playing that us festivarians will be interested in??

Single post account…I’m going with spam.

Spamming for sure…but given the event they are trying to pull off, and the location (Austin)…there could be any number of interesting bands play.

Danny Barnes, Papa Mali, and Sarah Jarosz come to mind right off hand.

I’ll be interested to see what they come up with during the course of the year.

The idea of having it outside (Stubb’s or any other venue) is interesting…it’s 45 degrees and raining in Austin today. :rolleyes

Not Spam. I was using “The Google” on the “Internets” when I found one of your members had posted about our party and I thought I’d sign up and post more info.

The bands haven’t been announced yet but I assure you that you will be surprised at how big they will be.

oh and to answer the question about doing this in every state…I say go for it. If you commit to donating all of the proceeds to charity (Like we are) then we will even list your event on The full website professionally done will be up in about a month.

We anticipate holding the event at a venue that holds around 4k people and it will be taped for people who can’t come and wish to purchase the DVD.

Feel free to ask me any more questions you might have other then what bands are playing. We are contractually not aloud to release that information at this time…but it will be big names and likely draw national TV attention to our cause (Raising money for families that had a loved one die in Iraq in service)

We are perfectly willing to move the date should he be…:slight_smile:

I’ll come down and hang out w/ 'ole Willie. :wink:

I don’t know if this code will work here but here is our homemade video to recap the 7+ years under Bush

Bush Retirement Video

Thank you. Took me about 10 hours to gather all the photos and arrange them to coincide with the music and fit in the time allowed. Notice some scandals only have one picture up because there were so many to chose from. We have already had dozens of people put countless hours and meetings into this one in Austin we decided to just do Austin TX. It ends where it began… right here in Austin!

Thanks for posting the link. Really nice work although rather horrifying at the same time. Just what you were going for I expect. I’ll be at your party in spirit.

Now our job is to pay attention to what happens this last year and work for fair and democratic elections in our own country. What a concept.


The Bush Retirement Party 2nd gen website is now up! Please check it out!