The Bluegrass Alliance Tribute - 1975 SBD - uncirculated

Bluegrass Alliance - 1969

Sam Bush

Vince Gill

The Bluegrass Alliance alumni are alive and kickin’. They are some of the best players to ever pick and sing Bluegrass and Newgrass Music: Dan Crary, Tony Rice, Sam Bush and the Newgrass Revival, Lazy River, Vince Gill - just to name several of them. The list is vast and impressive. It dates back to 1968.

These Boys are the Bluegrass Alliance artists for this 1975 show
Bill Millet, Vince Gill, Lonnie Peerce, Al White, Marshall Billingsley

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Bluegrass Alliance
Great Midwestern Bluegrass Music Hall
Louisville, KY
September 23, 1975

SBD mixed and taped by Monte Barry
transferred and remastered by Monte Barry on September 8, 2008

SBD > Nakamichi 550 w/ Dolby NR > Advent Chromium Dioxide C-120 cassette tape

MR cassette > Nakamichi 550 > Lexicon Alpha > Samplitude 24-bit at 48 KHz
down-converted and down-sampled in Samplitude > 16-bit at 44.1 KHz

Vince Gill - lead and tenor vocals, rhythm and lead guitar, dobro
Bill Millet - lead and baritone vocals, banjo, rhythm guitar
Al White - lead vocals, mandolin, rhythm guitar
Lonnie Peerce - tenor vocals, fiddle
Marshall Billingsley - bass fiddle

Please “name these tunes” in your comments/reviews

Set 1

d1t01 name this tune
d1t02 East Virginia Blues
d1t03 Don’t Cry Blue
d1t04 name this instrumental
d1t05 Leaves That Are Green
d1t06 Slewfoot
d1t07 You Don’t Know My Mind
d1t08 name this instrumental
d1t09 Long Black Veil
d1t10 Sittin’ on Top of the World
d1t11 500 Miles Away from Home
d1t12 Green Sleeves
d1t13 Paradise
d1t14 Foggy Mountain Breakdown

Set 2

d1t15 //Doin’ My Time
d1t16 Tennessee Blues
d1t17 //Blue Moon of Kentucky
d1t18 You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere//
d2t01 //name this tune
d2t02 Roll in My Sweet Baby’s Arms
d2t03 Fox on the Run
d2t04 Good Woman’s Love
d2t05 Sweetheart of Mine
d2t06 Take Me Back to Tulsa
d2t07 Black Mountain Rag
d2t08 Ghost Riders in the Sky
d2t09 Louise
d2t10 Amy
d2t11 //name this tune
d2t12 Orange Blossom Special

Set 3

d2t13 Dark Hollow
d2t14 Panhandle Rag
d2t15 name this tune
d2t16 Black Mountain Rag//

track changes are seamless
tracks are normalized to 100%
tape was transferred “as is” w/EQ set flat
tape was edited raw (paused) on-the-fly during taping
recorded on a single 120-minute cassette
reel-flip cut-off at end of d1t18
tape ends before end of show

Vince Gill is 18 yrs old
Bill Millet breaks banjo string in d1t14 Foggy Mtn Breakdown at 2:40
Al White does a cool Bob Dylan imitation at 1:55 into d1t18

  • day/date calc reveals this is a Tuesday night
  • which explains why the crowd is nil in 3rd set

[center]Vince Gill joins Boone Creek spring of 1976 - Thayne Bradford replaces him
Boone Creek - SBD - 1976-03-20
w/ Ricky Scaggs, Jerry Douglas, and Vince Gill on The Internet Archive

torrent for this show

Bluegrass Alliance
Lonnie Peerce, Robert Pool, Thayne Bradford, Bob Briendenbach, John Jump, Bill Millet

Bluegrass Alliance - Vince is back
Million Dollar Cowboy Bar - Jackson Hole, Wyoming - July, 1976

Bluegrass Alliance
Lonnie Peerce, Robert Pool, John Jump, Vince Gill, Bob Briedenbach, Bill Millet

Monte Barry is the soundman for Bluegrass Alliance and Lazy River

The Boys dump Lonnie Peerce and form Lazy River - summer 1976

[b]Lazy River w/ Vince Gill - SBD on The Archive
Torrent for this SBD

Vince Gill

Lazy River
John Jump, Robert Pool, Vince Gill, Bill Millet, Bob Briedenbach

Cowboy Song performed live by Lazy River
Monte’s favorite original tune - written and sung by John Jump

[b]Lazy River w/ Mark O’Connor - SBD on The Archive
Torrent for this SBD

Mark O’Connor

Sam, Ebo, Curtis, & Courtney dump Lonnie Peerce in 1971
They leave Bluegrass Alliance and form the legendary Newgrass Revival

Newgrass Revival - SBD - 1975-09-28 on The Internet Archive

torrent for this show

Curtis Burch is off-camera playing his dobro
Sam Bush, Ebo Walker & Courtney Johnson - Hamilton, Ontario 1973

Courtney Johnson
Mr. Banjo
1939 - 1996

John Cowan
The Evansville Songbird

Curtis Burch
Dr. Dobro

Sam & Curtis

Curtis, Courtney & Sam

Newgrass Revival

Béla Fleck

Countless Thousands of us love You Boys
Thankyou for your amazing Newgrass Music

Newgrass Revival
Courtney Johnson, Curtis Burch, Sam Bush, John Cowan

The King is on the left – The Godfather is on the right
Sam Bush and John Hartford – Telluride Festival very early years

According to Sam Bush,
Without John’s AereoPlane album, there would be no ‘newgrass’ music.”

John Hartford, Sam Bush, Pete Wernick,%20Sam%20Bush,%20and%20Pete%20Wernick.jpg

John Hartford collection torrent — 16 shows 1970 to 1990

John Hartford
1937 - 2001

Sam Bush receives State of Kentucky Honor - March, 2008

former Taper, soundman, and roommate Monte Barry was at this Reunion
gathering and celebration - Harry Bickel’s place - Dec 14, 2008 - Louisville, KY

Tony Rice, Curtis Burch, Dan Crary, J.D. Crowe, John Cowan, Sam Bush

Rudyard Kipling club - Louisville, KY Dec 14, 2008

Dan Crary, Sam Bush, John Cowan, J. D. Crowe, Tony Rice - Curtis Burch is off-camera

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Monte’s Newgrass music page

Monte’s tapes on The Internet Archive