Thanks to everyone who contributed to making this my first TBF brilliant.

The welcome was slightly overwhelming and unexpected, you can never really tell what people are like who youve joshed with by mail or message but all of you exceeded my expectations. Its not always easy to take time out to talk to someone new but without exception you all made that time and it was appreciated. You are made me feel very at ease and I dont htink Ive ever met such a warm set of people, though no doubt youve skimmed my credit card and I wont find out until next week…

Thanks to all who work so hard to put on the alternate events pre festival, they were great, especially rumballs which was sublime.

I could list you all individually but I may miss someone out which would be disasterous so just a big thank you to you all.

And next time I may take up some of those offers made by the fine ladies of Colorado, the welcome can certainly be a little more than just warm… :wink:

All that remains now is to board my plane and wait until the sound of banjos fades from my ears.

I love you all.