Warm Greetings Festivarians :wave

How fast the summer passes with fun festivals to attend and good people to festivate with!!!

I just wanted to say how much I appreciated the kindness of the Festivarian Community during my internship with Planet Bluegrass this summer. A big thanks goes to those who took the time to make sure I was truly able to have the Festivarian experience.

I also want to thank everyone who let me survey them at the different festivals. I greatly enjoyed these conversations. :thumbsup I hope to use some of what I learned this summer for my research paper,that I have the pleasure of writting before I graduate in May. So, keep your eyes open for another possible survey from me.

Between seeing great music, meeting good folks, and hanging out in Colorado, I have to say I had a pretty good summer. And when I think of this past summer I can’t help but smile :slight_smile: and that’s in part to the kindness and openness of the y’all the Festivarians.

FYI one of the things Planet Bluegrass worked on this summer was a documentary about the Greening of Telluride- here’s the link to check it out on you tube-

peace & all good things,
Bonnie :flower

Great video. :thumbsup

I especially liked the clip of the parade

Good luck in the real world!


You already have an A+ in our book, Bonnie! Thanks for Festivating with us and we hope you get the chance to do it again! :cheers

Auntie Hope :pickin

I don’t recall us crossing paths at any of the festivals I attended, but I appreciate your concern towards a greener planet. I think Planet Bluegrass is on the right track towards that goal, and I’ll do what I can to help. I did after all move from California so I would reduce my carbon footprint in attending the festivals. :thumbsup
All my best in your future endeavors. :flower

Great Song Bonnie! I heard it coming from a few picking tents in T-ride actually . . . Anyway . . . Glad you had a great time with PB, and hope to see you at future festivals! Thanks for the clip, keep up the amazing work!


Bonnie, I need info on how we can do something at our school to carbon erase or something. Ask my students the world’s biggest problem, most say global warming. So - how can we do something. Can you message me your contact info to help me figure out something my students can do? Maybe there’s another contact person you can recommend. I’d really like to get the compostable forks/plates in school cafeterias but I’d also like to do something that might actually happen.



We miss you Bonnie. :wave