Thanks Natalie!!

:wave Awesome!

Much appreciated,

Paul - paulenteer

Hi Volunteers. I’m Betcey.

Volunteered at Telluride in 1984. Yes, 1984! Then life got in the way.

Last year I volunteered at Rockygrass and Folks Fest, and I’m thrilled to be finally making it back to Telluride after almost 40 years!

I’ll be traveling solo, and most likely working at the box office. Would love to meet more people! Right now I have a camping pass for Lawson, but would realllly love to buy a pass for TP or WF, if you have a spare to sell (or know someone who does!).

Who’s next?

No other volunteers want to introduce themselves??

Hi everyone, I’m Ross.
This will make my 9th year volunteering at Telluride. I usually always work out at Mary E. at the welcome tent. Love it out there. I am the guy that has the solar plant that lets everyone plug their phones into. I’m coming from western Nebraska through Denver. I have done the share-a-ride for the last 8 years. So I just might be looking for a couple of riders. Anyway, thought I would stop by and say hi. See you there.

Hi! I’m Katie. Also attending solo. This is only my second time for the Bluegrass fest, first time volunteering. My bf and I signed up for 2020, and have since broken up. I’m camping at Lawson and working the parking gate at TP. I live in Grand Junction and just hit the Palisade bluegrass fest this past weekend. Looking forward to keeping the festival going!
See you all there!