Thank You, Planet Bluegrass

Just wanted to give a shout-out to all the PB staff and volunteers who make RockyGrass my anchor for another year.

I’ve been attending since 1988, and have only missed a handful of years, and have camped onsite since the fest has been in Lyons. I have introduced my husband to bluegrass, and feel like I’ve indoctrinated (deliberate use of the word) my 2 sons, now 16- and 18-yo into a fabulous community of people who believe music can change the world (or at least your state of mind).

I was walking about on Sunday, and just thinking “I hope Craig feels proud of this amazing party he throws at his place every year”, and just wanted to offer my heartfelt thanks that he and his staff have the vision and heart to keep doing it!

Thank you for passing out the line numbers at a reasonable hour this year, and I do hope you keep looking for ways to improve that late-night insanity, as it does get a bit sticky at times.

Dance, ya silly fools, it makes the whole body feel better!

Excellent lineup and shows this year…even without Steve Martin! :slight_smile:

See ya next year!