hey y’all! had a little tent disaster & I’ll need a new one before tp/when I get to tride. should I just grab one at the sports authority in montrose? I’m guessing there’s an outdoor shop in tride. festivaaaaaaal!

Where are you camping? Turns out I’m going solo this year and I have a big, almost brand-new 3 season tent, I’ll be in Illium. I’d send you a PM but for some reason I can’t figure out the captcha…

There’s an REI in Grand Junction if you’re headed through there. I’ve heard their (REI) brand tents are a great value. If you’re already in Montrose, you might have more options (less expensive) than you would in Telluride. I’m all for giving the locals in Telluride the business, and I doubt that the store in Telluride is a lot more expensive than the same tent in Montrose would be, but they may not have the lower end options…if that’s what you’re looking for. Make sure it has a good rain fly (it’ll keep you warmer as well as dry), because the forecast for the next few nights includes snow!

Good luck.

jeepgirl-thx for the sweet offer but I’m staying in tp :slight_smile:

yma-oooh! good to know-I’ll be driving thru gj today.

wal mart?

Friends don’t let Friends buy camping gear, in particular, tents at Walmart