was shut down!

I’ve got a dispute submitted, but for now it’s out of service. :eek

It had nothing to do with the new chat I installed.
They told me I had too many requests for the file “yodel.mp3” and it exceeded their CPU usage. The technicians would not restore the site even after viewing my previous statistics that showed my site was not abusing their resources.

So, until my dispute is resolved, or until I get a new host there won’t be any Monday night chat sessions. :frowning:

Evidently my site was just getting too popular. :wink:

If I need to have a dedicated server then the site will be gone, as I can’t afford the cost.

This is a list of the countries that visited my site so far this month:
Australia, United States, China, France, European country, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Slovenia, Canada, Iran, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Hong Kong, Poland, Sweden, Yugoslavia, Austria, Norway, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Spain, Finland.

Well THAT stinks to high :evil :bash

Auntie Hope :pickin

well That really sucks since i madeit a point to get the night off
Damn the bad luck

Damn, that sucks… hopefully things work themselves out, if not I’ll see what I can do.

Good News. :thumbsup

I evidently talked to the wrong tech originally. :eek

I just got off the phone and they had me make some changes, and they re-activated my site. :flower

It looks like we’ll have a chat session Monday night afterall. :cheers

I will however be checking other domain hosts in the meantime just in case. :wink:

Holy S Bro !!!
Damn Thats the best news ive had all day …except maybe the really nice tip i got today to let me pay
the Car Inssuance …lol
Great news …Party Monday Night
Love ya Bro

Ok Kids … Its on Tom and i have been running Test on the new Chat program … Kids this Program ROCks !!!
Party Tomarrow Night
look for the Chat Link … your In
Jerrys show starts at 7:40 Mtn Time … room will be open at 7pm
Come and enjoy the Insainty !

wish I had internet at my house . . . have fun everyone!

I’ll see you guys online tonight! I’ve stuck a note on my home computer so hopefully I won’t space it out.

:hop :hop :hop :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo

Don’t you love how the tech folks can turn a minor hiccup into a major headache :mad

Tom, thank you for your persistence so that all of us can continue our weekly gathering.

:thumbsup :thumbsup :medal :thumbsup :thumbsup

Hey, I was more than happy to be persistent. :thumbsup
What else would I do on Monday night except watch football. :lol

what you dont watch WWE ???