Telluride vs. Rocky Grass

Hello Friends-

I’m debating between the two and was just wondering what your thoughts are. Which one is better (I know they are both great) and why?

I’m going to post the same in the Telluride forum, so it will be interesting to read peoples thoughts.

Hope all is well,


I have to say Rockygrass is best but I am going to suggest that you go to Telluride. Why do I suggest that you go to Telluride. Because if you go to Rockygrass you will love it and then you’ll tell your friends and then they’ll want to go. It sells out every year and in my opinion there are too many people. I think they should reduce the number of tickets by about 500 a day.

But seriously, Rockygrass is so much better, they have the mighty St. Vrain.

Every festival should have a river.
Also: another huge difference is that RG has drums in bands less than 5% of the time, probably closer to 1%.

Telluride also has a river running thru it, but it’s alot colder and you won’t see tubers on it! I prefer the Telluride location, surrounded by mountains and a sweet town for after hours. Rockygrass does keep to the more traditional bluegrass, which I like as well.
I plan on going to both, and I agree with capt, DON’T tell your friends.
It’s already hard enough to get tickets!

That avatar is soooooo disturbing.


Where? I know dancers that have been kick out of Rocky Grass because there is a lack of room unless you like sun stroke. :sunshine My attempts to dance last year I found I couldn’t see the band in the corner they put us in (did the dancers do something bad?) It’s a place to sit and not shake your bootie.

Great tunes, but don’t pull and con job on newbies. If you are thinking of going to Rocky Grass and you get up out your seat for one song to dance on your tarp, you’ll be tared and feathered. It’s just the way it is.

Wow, there’s always a little happy dancing going on somewhere at Rockygrass! In fact, I recall MOST people got up and danced during some of the night bands.

Usually the daytime dancing is confined to the sides of the venue and directly behind the soundboard on the dusty trail…

I’m with ya, Landshark, I shake it every chance I get!! I even got in the aisle and danced with this older gentleman who was an AMAZING dancer. He made my body swing in ways I never thought possible. Hopefully he’ll be there again this year! :wink: :flower :lol :wave