Telluride virgin ~ parking question

First time trying to get tix and I managed to get a good place in the queue and score 2 TP tix! I’m so excited! I did not get the car pass, mainly because I didn’t realize I had to go to the other page (my bad) but also because I didn’t think I’d really need it and didn’t want to spend the extra $$ on it. While my husband and I generally like to sleep in our van, I’m happy to put up the tent. My question is where exactly will my van have to be parked in relation to camping and the fest? Thanks!

No worries. There is free parking in Town. They will direct you when you arrive. The parking in town is usually gone by Monday or Tuesday before the fest as most TPers arrive on Saturday (before fest) or Sunday to partake in the “Pre-Fest” activities. If you arrive closer to the fest you will need to park in Mountain Village. To get the true TP experience, I would suggest arriving on Saturday or Sunday pre fest.

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awesome! thanks! i’m hoping we can swing arriving by sunday, or monday at the latest.

We will be road-tripping in a 28’ camper van next summer and have scored TP tix. We can arrive as early as possible to pre-festivate, but any idea where we will be able to park the van once we unload? Thank you!

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They will direct you wheee to park after you have unloaded.

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If arriving pre fest, what kind of lodging is available? I’m assuming camping is a no go.

There is National Forest surrounding Telluride with free dispersed camping. And there are a few established campgrounds, but those start filling up a week or so before festival. Some do allow reservations but those may already be full. You can also stay a little way outside of Telluride, in Ridgeway, etc and those places are a little easier to get into. Pre-fest, you will be able to drive into Telluride and park if you want to go into town. There also may be a few lodging options in town or Mountain Village still available for pre-fest, but I would try and make arrangements as soon as possible.

When were you planning to arrive?

With Town Park tickets you can camp as early as the Saturday when Planet Bluegrass takes over the campground. You can also reserve camp sites in Town Park for time prior to that Saturday, but if you do not have TP tickets you will be asked to leave.