Telluride House Band 2006

I am looking fro this show if anyone has it. I can’t seem to figure how to convert FLAC files…so I would love to trade or or B&P, the old fashioned way! :cheers

Come on someone has to have this! :pirate :pirate

Do you have the FLAC Files?
Converting them is actually very easy…

Mac or PC?

i don’t have the files either…just fishing, do you have them?

I do. I was going to suggest downloading them, but the show seems to have been pulled from the site where I got it. Odd… Well anyway. I have it…You want it?

Paul, we had to clear server space. Things were getting pretty full, and many shows got pulled. Sorry for any inconvenience.

I see, thought losing it there for a moment…

That would be very cool. I am willing to try the file conversion if you can explain it to me …but I am a bit of a relic so I can always send you the blanks. Your choice Paul!

If you have a broad band connection and a burner, I would be happy to walk you through the process. Everything you need is easy to use and free.

Other Wise i can BnP

Standard BnP procedure

paul, did you find a place where it’s up online?

I have the connection. So I am willing to try. I will also send you my snail mail.

I haven’t any place on line that is hosting currently. I am going to upload it to my ftp site. Are you familiar with FTP. If not get started by downloading SmartFTP, It’s free. When it’s uploaded, I will send you an email the login info. Then it’s just a simple drag and drop.

It may seem a little techno at first. It’s pretty easy and very rewarding. There is a lot of really great music to down load via ftp. Way more running around out there as bittorrents. Juas too at this list of available downloads from the fine folks of Click on the Public Access link.

If you’ve got broadband you take the time to learn this stuff. As i said I’ll be glad to help.

Another good FTP program is Filezilla.

I am such a putz. I don;t think I ever sent you the infor for downloading the house band show, I have it on an ftp server now, I’ve sent you a PM with the login

I have this in Lossless somewhere…

Unfortunately I am at school right now. But when I get home, I will look for it and get it posted if it hasn’t already been.

SteamboatPaul, are you familiar with and/or ? it is a really easy way to upload files to your email. Once it is finished, it will provide you a link that you can send to others to download from.

basically, just put the files into a folder and zip it. then upload to the site. very simple :slight_smile:


I’ve got it up at mt ftp site. Ready for the down load. It’s flac from John R…

We’re good


Hey Paul,

I am not sure that I ever got the instructions form you for downlaoding that file :rolleyes

Pirate, check this link:

it’s our how to page. you may need to register at to view it, but that’s not a bad thing :thumbsup if you have any issues, either paul or myself can help walk you through it.

you will still need to get a site address and a l/p from paul to get it from his site though…

I thought I sent you the l/p info. If I didn’t I will send it to in a PM.

Sorry, sometimes things just slip away lately