Telluride Gemini Festival


June 10 to 17, 2010
Visible Planets: Morning: Jupiter Evening: Venus, Mars and Saturn

White or Black Magic? It’s Up to You!

The June 12th Gemini New Moon gives all of us a chance to re-frame the ways in which we perceive, process and define our world. Whether we’re talking personal, social, national, global or universal, it’s all about what we see and how we experience it. Take a room of people and expose them all to the same exact scene and situation, action and activity, and the descriptions of what happened will vary from one individual to another. Perception is colored by experience, education and exposure. A lot of what we see is what we have learned to see, what we have been “told” to see. Reality is relative to what we believe is “real.”

Gemini follows Taurus, where we learned about finite, physical reality. Taurus provides for, nurtures and sustains life. (LIKE THIS FORUM DOES :thumbsup)
Gemini thinks and questions, talks and listens. It is here we gather information, explore ideas, communicate our thoughts and travel around the block to find out what’s going on outside our door. Gemini is curious and clever, loves to laugh and play. Ruled by Mercury, this multi-faceted, multi-talented sign is forever changing, shape-shifting and morphing into whatever or whomever seems to be most appealing, popular or current at the time. Motion oriented, mobile and mutable, it’s difficult to capture or keep Gemini energy still for very long. It is inherently restless, coming and going like the wind.
Sounds like a perfect description of TBF! :talk :bday :sunshine

do you think there will be a birthday party for those geminis whose turn a year older during the festival ( like me?) - first time attendee

am a classic gemini -always have and will be


Why yes I do. It will be at Smugglers on Monday around 3p.m. Hope to see you there!

LOVE THIS!! I was born on the cusp of Gemini and Cancer, June 21st. :cheers :cheers :cheers

This is SOOOOOOOO you, on both sides! Anyone who reads your posts, (translate everyone) will agree.

I bet you would be a fascinating woman to talk to… :flower I know, I have been told I can be complicated but amusing :lol :lol :lol and joyful … :lol :lol :lol

See you soon!

well, I would like to make the party on Wed,.but won’t get there till Tuesday birthday on Thursday.

Thanks for the invite and have fun


:toejob :bday Happy Birthday Eric Auxier TBF solo this year! (heads up the ladies! You won’t find a more enthusiastic dance partner!) :cake :woohoo

Why, thank-e kindly, Dewstar! Always my favorite place to celebrate!!

Too bad the “Smuggler’s Monday at 3pm” falls outside of most Festivarians parameters. But, we will celebrate all weekend–in kilts, shorts or parkas, whatever is called for!!