TBF virgin

This will be my first year at TBF, and I cannot put into words how excited I am. I’m volunteering with some friends and camping at the High School. What is the camping area at the high school like? I’m flying to Denver and driving to Telluride so I’m limited to things I can bring, are there any necessities (other than the obvious) that I should pack? Would it be worth it to buy a chair when I get to CO and just donate it to someone when I leave, or is it okay to just bring a blanket for sitting? Thanks!! :wave

Give the virgin thread a look and read all about it. Then come back here with more unanswered questions :flower


Are your volunteer friends also first timers? If not, they may already know how they want to approach the festival. Depending on how many of you there will be, you may want to throw out a tarp. When I first started attending the festival, I came in a group of three and we just tarp hopped all day, so if that is the size of your group, you should be fine. If you are going to put your own tarp out, I’d recommend getting a chair. If you aren’t, you can pull up a seat in an empty chair until the owners get back.

One thing that can’t be stressed enough is warmth. It can get cold at night. It is not unheard of to have frost on your tent. Have even seen snow one year. It is possible to mail some gear ahead to the post office in Telluride. Yes, you can take a blanket/tarp to sit on. But you need to take a a day or at least a half of a day to “tarp hop”. :cheers “Tarp Hopping” is almost a sport there. Take your chair and hop from tarp to tarp stopping to say hi to everyone along the way, make a couple of friends while your at it. Just to see if you can make it all the way across the field in just one day. :wave There are plenty of places to get a cheap chair along the way to Telluride. If you don’t mind me asking, are you riding with friends? Or planing to rent a car at the airport? The only reason I ask is the Shar-a-ride is a great option. I give rides every year, best way to meet new friends.

Hey Emmyshemmy - maybe I can help out a little. Me and some friends stayed at the high school last year and it worked out great. Having the showers handy is nice, nothing like a good hot shower to get you going in the morning. And even though it’s not a far walk to the music, the free town shuttle bus stops right in front of the high school camping. Makes it handy if you want to scoot back to your camp for a meal. And directly across from the high school camping is a grocery store that’s well stocked and prices weren’t bad at all. Was expecting NY City prices in Telluride but was pleasantly surprised that cost of things wasn’t too bad. There’s also an Ace Hardware in town if you need rope or tarps or camp chairs or such.

The one thing I found strange was the High School was just really, really dead. Everyone was nice enough, met some cool people in the morning, but when we got back after the music the place was a ghost town. No subdued little picking circles (except us), no groups sitting around talking about an amazing day of music (except us), just silence. Pretty much the same after NightGrass let out. We knew going in it wouldn’t be a rowdy place but it was just weird to us that there was absolutely no one up on a Friday night at 12:30 (except us).

Yep, but that is the high school. If you want to be up all night then get Town Park Tickets! You won’t sleep for a week, but then that’s OK! There’s plenty of time to sleep when your six feet under! :pirate