TBF virgin with a question

Hi all! I know this year is weird but as a noob I have a question. If in GA can we use a small shade? Or can I use a parasol? I know the shade area is supposed to be in what was the orange section (I haven’t checked if that color has changed again today lmao). Thanks all!!!

Hi Rose!
I havent been following the color sections or much of the rules this year (decided to opt out this year) so my experience might not be relevant. However, in the years past, I have always popped-a-squat in the “high back chair” area but with a lowback chair, and have brought and used a small parasol in this area without any issues. Though, I was very conscious of who was around me and very careful not to obstruct anyone’s view. Often times just used the parasol to cover my legs and torso and a floppy hat for my face. If you haven’t been to telluride before, the sun is intense so bring lots of spf and have a great time! :flower

thank you! we live in Colorado so yes I understand the high altitude sun! LOTS OF SUNSCREEN! I have my hat already picked out :wink: