TBF virgin seeking campin advice

Howdy all you TBF conisours. This will be my first year and since I’m obviously way behind schedule for the choice camping areas. I was just seeking some imput to which is a better pick the Lawson Hill or Mary E. campsite. Mary E. seems farther but I like the idea of a campfire for some nightime jam sessions. Been hemhawin on what to do so any advice would be greatly appreciated and lookin forward to sum quick-pickin heal-clickin fun. thanx :thumbsup :cheers

i’ve stayed in both; i think Ilium is much better. either way, you’re going to have to shuttle to the show (which isn’t bad–or isn’t for me, since i don’t do much back adn forht after the music begins anyway). Lawson has water close by, but ilium actually feels a litlte like camping out–at least like state park style camping out–in the trees very pretty. at warner, you’re justpacked tent to tent with only the shade you create on top of a baseball field.

enjoy. i’ve been a few times, but this year will be my first year camping in town park–woo hoo!

i meant lawson, not warner (though either way you’d be on top of a baseball field).

I camped at Mary E. last year for my first time and couldn’t have asked for better (will be there again this year with my niece). It’s exactly what you would expect it to be but I would get there early to get a campfire ring, seems like they were mostly taken by late Monday/early Tuesday. The wait/ride for the shuttle wasn’t bad at all if you’re not planning on going back and forth. Bring everything for the day on your first ride and you won’t miss anything. There was a lot of late night music in the campground until the start of the festival, then you barely heard anything at night for those 4 days (I think everybody was exhausted by the end of the night). Oh and the shade was unbeatable when the HOT Telluride sun got going in the morning and the people staying there as well as the crew were super-friendly too, hope this helps! :cheers

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Even if you don’t get the Illium early enough to get a firepit, people generally are pretty welcoming and willing to share their fires. Especially if you are holding a musical instrument.

Well, to TBF virgin seeking camping advice: Should you decide to make Telluride your “first time”, I would definitely consider protection. After a few drinks and some smokin’ bluegrass our inhibitions really get lowered. There are an awful lot of diseases out there–even in Colorado. As for the camping advice, you will surely need a tent–this helps with privacy and shelter from the heat/cold. There are several threads on here also that will set you on the right track! HAVE FUN! :cheers

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Thanks ya’ll for the advice. Seems like the TBf community is a welcoming one. Just got my tickets today. Went with Mary E. So time to start packing all the festival goodies. And yes fundirector some protection just incase :wink: and its my first TBF but not my first rodeo. Also I was wonderin even if you aren’t campin in TP if you can still peruse around and party, it sounds like quite the place to be. Either way can’t wait to be dancin in the hills again. Thanks again :wave :cheers

You can enter Town Park during festival only if you have a Town Park or Warner Field camping pass. There’s plenty of good picking down in Illium, though.

However, before Planet Bluegrass takes over TP, you can pay the town of Teluride to camp there. I’m not sure what day that is, but I’m sure someone will help out with that here soon. :cheers

We volunteered a few years ago and picked by the firepit by the entrance of Mary E as people were coming back from the festival. There’s nothing like a angry fiddle by the fireside, speaking of which, that’d be a great name for a song!

Planet Bluegrass take over Town Park on Saturday, June 11th this year for Town Park campers only. However, well behaved visitors are invited to join the fun through Wednesday evening. As of Thursday morning you must have a Town Park or Warner Field wristband to enter Town Park… or, that’s the way it’s been in past years.

Just a reminder. if you ARE camping in Town Park you really should obtain your wrist band as soon as possible after arrival on-site.

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