TBF Vendors specifically chairs

So I have some friends who want to get chairs that are the lowback, low to the ground festival chairs and hoped that a vendor at the festival sold them. Have any of you seen this in the past? They wanted something with the TBF logo or verbage like they have seen at other festivals.

Thanks in advance!!! :thumbsup

Planet Bluegrass has not sold chairs in recent years but I think they have in the distant past. Don’t expect to find low-back chairs for sale inside the festival.

REI has a nice low-back chair:

REI Low-Back Chair

Other places have them too, of course.

The shops in town definitely have lowback chairs, however, they seem to be marked up a bit. I haven’t seen any chairs with TBF or PlanetBluegrass logos, but that sounds like a great idea!!

I got a tye-dye crazy creek chair in Red Lodge, MT that I have the artists sign. I recommend crazy creek to all Tarp Hoppers. They’re easy to carry with you and are quite comfortable.

:wave This is my favorite for festing, and napping.
I have one like Hooch’s below last year and it bent up pretty fast? REI did replace it so we’ll try it again this year.
TBF once sold a logo’ed two-piece wood & canvas, slide together chair that is very nice for sitting for a short time, but not long term. Great souvenir, but not the best day long festichair, IMHO.

“if you can roll a basketball underneath, it will be fine” …

My girth will collapse many of those flimsy Wallyworld/target/costco chairs.Please practice safe Festivation by purchasing only chairs that will put up with this kind of abuse. Be assured it is not intentional.

Your chair will last for years if well cared for. My “festival chairs” have traveled with me for over ten years. I will be sad when they go.


My vote for ultimate festival chair:


It’s lowbacked, reclines, has a headreset, drink holder, and folds up so you can carry it on your back (also has a backpack sized pouch.

never brought a chair to a concert, will I need a chair? I’ll have them at camp.

There aren’t any planet provided chairs in the festival grounds. You have a few options. If you’ll be running a tarp, you’ll need a chair for said tarp. If you plan on tarp hopping, you can either occupy empty chairs or simply bring your own chair to said tarp (my preferred method of tarp hopping). The final option (an my personal favorite overall method) is to ignore the chairs and dance your way through four days of FESTIVAL!!!
:dance :dancing :hop :hop :dancing :dance

:eek Good luck with that one, Hot! :eek
I have a hard enough time keeping my NB Festicup going for all four days of Festivaaaal! :cheers

Personally, I believe everyone should bring their own regular lawn chair for sitting in camp, and also, a low-back (beach-type) chair for the tarp, depending on where they want to sit. It is always easier (and cheaper) to get these kind of LOW (beach-type) chairs from Wal-Mart or Target in May or June. There’s a Wal-Mart in Durango, if you’re arriving through that route.

I always bring a low chair that has my last name printed on the back with Magic Marker to use on the tarp because it’s much easier to find in the crowd that way, when I’m walking back though the crowd with my hands full of beers. :cheers I also prefer a low chair for the tarp because my tarp is always placed well in front of the dirt path that circles around and divides the two areas of the festival ground.

The historical rule is that ONLY low-back (beach-type) chairs can be used in front of the dirt path, because obviously, the people who sit behind you want to see the performers on the stage, also, and not everyone stands and dances all day and night. Also, we like to eat, drink, visit with friends, and read while we are on the tarps watching and listening to music while sitting in our chairs.

My chair has backpack straps and a pouch built in to carry my rain gear, lap blanket, etc. So, in addition to a regular backpack for other essentials, I am all set for whatever weather happens during the day and night on the tarp, and I highly recommend that type of chair to use on the tarp.

As far as sitting in other people’s chairs goes, yeah, that’s ok as long as they don’t mind, or are not actually there on the tarp when you are there. If they return to the tarp and indicate that you are sitting in their chair, you should politely get up and let them have their chair again. If you want to sit and visit with others for an extended period of time during the day, it is most polite to bring your own chair with you. A chair with backpack straps is most convenient for that purpose.

Exceptions are made for those who have to fly in. Often, there are spare chairs supplied by camp organizers for those who flew in and have no tarp or chair. Arrangements to use other people’s gear should be made well ahead of time though and no one should simply “expect” to have these things "provided"for them by someone else without making sure about it in advance. Many of us drive to the festival in our own cars and that is the best way to bring in necessary equipment and supplies. So, if you’re driving, you should be able to get a set of chairs (standard and low)and bring them with you. As someone said earlier, buying anything in the town of Telluride is definitely going to be over-priced, if it’s even still available, so don’t wait until you get here to get essential supplies, if you can. :eek

Thanks everybody!!! Great advice and options. I think the chair on the jamfest site is gonna to be the winning ticket!

Well put, Jaci! :thumbsup