TBF rookie with questions about single day tickets

Hello Festivarians,

Long story short: I just got a new job and I am starting this Monday the 22nd. Since this is my last week to do whatever I want during the work week, myself and two other friends decided that road tripping up to the TBF would be the best way to close off being unemployed and starting a new career. We are very fortunate to have a college friend offer us a place to stay in town!!! So here are my questions to y’all:

  1. What is the parking situation? I understand that there are lots outside of town, is it ok to leave the car overnight for one night? Plan is to drive in Thursday day morning > enjoy the festival to the fullest > crash at friends in town > head back to Denver on Friday.

  2. Does a single day ticket give you access to the Town Park campsites to visit friends?

  3. We know that the Night Grass shows are all sold out, but are there other places in town to enjoy a cold one and music during the evening?

I’m sorry for the blog. I don’t really post on message boards, but a TBF veteran suggested I seek you guys for help. I know that I am not doing this festival any justice by coming for one day, but hopefully next year we will do it right. I just want to be fresh and well rested for my new job. I appreciate any help I can get and thanks for taking the time to read my post. Looking forward to kicking off the festival with you all.


I’ve never been either but my understanding, from the forum, is that no-a one day festival pass does not grant you access to Town Park camping. I’m fairly certain you have to be a camper there to get in after Wednesday.

Good luck, Safe travels. Sorry I don’t have more answers.

What a great way to end your unemployment!

Parking: You’ll be allowed to go into town on a temp pass long enough to drop off stuff at your friend’s house, but then you’ll likely have to park in Mountain Village and take the gondola down to town. Not a bad way to “drop in” to the festival . . . :slight_smile:

Town Park is only accessible by people who paid for camping in that area, though late night the gates are usually still open and no one much minds if you walk through and enjoy the magic.

There is definitely still great music in town after the festival gets out! Oakhurst played for free (or cheap?) at the Floradora all weekend last year - we went every night, and it was fabulous. The pizza place, the street corner, the campgrounds, you might even be blessed enough to get invited into a private pickin’ party in one of the beautiful houses in downtown Telluride!

Have a great festival!

Okay daytripper, you now have until November to read this entire forum, learn WAY more than you’ll ever need/want to know about certain festivarians, (SUR)
and come time for the Town Park lottery for tickets, you’ll feel like YOU can answer questions. :cheers
P.S. You asked good questions, just too late for THIS year! I have no doubt you had a good time, whatever you did, just because you were in Telluride during FESTIVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLL!!!
seriously, start at the beginning, and your questions will have been asked and answered.