TBF newbie, need some advice

Hello All,
I’m coming from Atlanta and really looking forward to seeing some shows out west. I was hoping to get a few questions answered and possibly a list of “do not come without …”. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  1. Camping in Mary E Illium - Please elaborate about what is it like there? Are you camping close by folks, high density?

  2. Is firewood readily available?

  3. Are people partying there?

  4. How cold does it get?

  5. Does anyone have a vehicle pass they want to sell?

Any other must haves? Things not to forget?

I can’t answer the first three questions I have been rather spoiled by getting TP tickets every year. Question #4 hard to tell, there was one year during ABGAT week it snoed on us, then again last year was really nice. I always bring my long johns and winter gear, along with all my summer stuff. Makes for lots of packing. Hippie has a great list of what he brings. It’s a really complete list all the way down to the foot slave. :lol I really got to get me one of those. Anyways can someone please let Tiger Daddy know where to find that list. My guess is another post on packing???
Question #5 Your chance of getting a Vehicle pass is about as good as winning the powerball lottery.
Hope to see you in the festival.

Mary E is down in a valley a few miles from town with big trees and a river flowing by. The sun hits the downriver end of the campground quite a while before it hits up by the entrance, so if you like morning sun, get on down there. The campground will be very full. It will seem reasonable through the day Thursday, after that it will get crowded. If you are there early and have a group, arrange your tents to enclose a common area between you. If you leave a spot big enough for a tent between you and a tree or a neighbor, there will be a tent there when you come back from the festival Thursday night. If not, there will certainly be one there on Friday night.

Most years, the evening temps are in the 40s.

In years past there were campfires in Mary E. We used to have fires down there in the 80 and early 90s.

Yes people are partying down there.

Forget about a vehicle pass. You will not get one and even if you did, there would be no place to park it. The pass allows you into town but does not provide a parking space… and there aren’t any. Do not count on getting your vehicle in and out of Mary E AT ALL after Wed morning. Do your grocery shopping before you get there and make sure you have stove fuel, ice etc in quantity.

The bus connection from your campground to the festival works great. The only real headache is if you want to travel at the same time everyone else wants to (predictable times) when you may have to wait for the next bus to have room for you.

Last year was our 1st and we stayed at Mary E. We thought it was great. I was amazed at how well run it was and we met some great friends.

Fires were still allowed last year and there seemed to be plenty of firewood to scroung up around the the campground or by the river (at least early in the week). There were plenty of fires every night.

Bagged ice was available for sale periodically at the campground (they can probably tell you when to expect it at the entrance). (bulk water was brought in too.)

Cold? last year we had ice on our tent a couple mornings. You will worship the morning sun (but then who doesn’t).

High density? that’s kind of a relative thing, early in the week no, late in the week yes, but there is still plenty of space to move about.

Don’t forget your tickets. :eek

Good news about the fires. Maybe it was a drought year when I heard they were not allowed any more.
We have not camped down there since '99. When we first camped down there in the late 80s it was not an official camp ground. It was free and less crowded.