TBF Newbie in need of camping and driving info!

Hi all! My friend and I have single day passes for Sunday and will be driving up to Telluride on Saturday and leaving Monday. We have no camping passes and will be sleeping in a campground somewhere (since it seems that camping in the national forest near Telluride is not allowed except in designated campgrounds) but will probably make reservations, as I suspect the first-come first-serve campgrounds near Telluride will be full by Saturday afternoon.

I just read somewhere in this forum that the roads into Telluride will be closed for the weekend - yikes! What does that mean for folks like us that are not camping in Telluride? No matter where we camp, if we have to drive to Telluride, how will we get in to the town? Also, roughly what time is the show over on the last day? I figured we would eat in town before leaving, but now I am all sorts of unsure about everything and don’t know what to do.

Any advice or info you can provide will be greatly appreciated at this point! We are really looking forward to the experience, but it seems like we should have looked into the set-up more before buying tickets.


The road is open all the way in to the ski resort. With a single day ticket you park up there and ride the gondola into town. You just can’t drive into downtown.