TBF Music is "live streaming" on KOTO right now - you can get it


go to the above link. Telluride Bluegrass Festival is streaming live music here. sounds great to me - good connection. it’s streaming into my WinAmp player. nice perk. thanks everyone for making this possible.

thank you to an individual called “whynotus” for posting this heads-up. whynotus is a Great Seeder at bt-dot-etree-org.

– Monte

Wooohooo Tuned IN !
Good News just got done Closing on the New House
Bad news no keys till maybe tomarrow
Really Good News fixing my self a Bloody Beer
and swaying to the music just like i was in Festival
Tye Dye and All !!

yep…i posted this over at the TBF forums.

i’m listening now also. sounds great! you know, you can watch live cams from Telluride too…its not at the festival, but its the next best thing to not being there.


so you’ll forever tie your 1st day in your new house to the TBF! how cool is that? i’m at work listening so please throw one of those Bloody Beer’s down for me!

already ahead of you there Jake !
Lovely day In the Ride !!

Its a greay Day to be alive !!
Great set by Darrell Scott !!
:cheers :cheers
Time for another Bloody :cheers

yep…gorgeous day there! its always gorgeous there, no matter!

man, i feel like quittin the job and hitting the road westbound! i’m just glad they put it online this year.

Well at least we have each other LOL
what a great line up for today …
I will be logged in all day

LOL…so true. if only i had a brew in hand.

i’d probably be on Fat Tire #3 by now…and starting to realize i should slow it down a bit. :cheers

We are uselly drinking Bloodys the first set
and having turkey green chilie corsants
From Baked in Telluride Yummy !

i miss my Fat Tire…cant get it out this way.

Cadillac Sky is sounding good! I’m looking forward to Uncle Earl!

Hmmm can a ship you a 12 pack from
here I can run down to the corner store

i’ve actually tried that before, and the shipping was 3x as much as the beer! :eek

ahhh…thats ok. just one more thing to look forward to when i get to TBF2009

Sky is sounding great
got to meet Sharon Gilchrst
at our little Ramah Festy last month

nice! they’re sounding great.

i love this tune!

Amen Bro !

They Be Jamming now !!!
got my laptop hooked up to my Surround system
Im rocking the freaking neighborhood !!!

HAHA!!! awesome!

is this a neighborhood you’ll soon be leaving? if so, crank it!! :thumbsup

hahaha!! i love it! Green Day, bluegrass style!!