TBF Hailstorm

The 5 minute hail storm on Sunday was pretty cool. I’ve got a short video of it up on youtube: http://youtube.com/watch?v=BQO9Y5K8QMA. Anyone catch the marshmallow storm on video?

That hailstorm was classic!!

GREAT video! I was just a few tarps in front of you and was hoping to see myself. Ah well, still a perfect clip of the experience.

very cool cant wait to see more !

truly an example of instant payback… After that SUBLIME Solomon Burke set. The great mother decided to pelt us with some grapple to remind us who really is in charge :lol

Nothing like a little cosmic snow ball throwing to get us all dancing.

I’m ready to do it all over again, Right Now.


That was pretty damn cool. From sunny to raining to hail and back to sunny and hot in all of 30-40 minutes.

Thats The Ride !!

I wouldn’t call it a hail storm, it was more like it was raining snowballs. we were in camp and Ellen started a snowball fight. they were muddy, but snowballs all the same.

We called it Thunder Snow!

Great shots, Connie!

i asked Campground Host, Tim, exactly what happened. He said it’s called “Grapple”, as Hippie Jerry stated. Huh, the Florida kid learned something new that day. Have to say, it was really cool!

Auntie Hope :pickin :green

Hope I love you !

It was the coolest thing ever! I had started to leave Fishbone when Margie stopped me and suggested I grab a poncho. I told her I didn’t have one, so she grabbed one out of her camper for me (such a sweet, sweet woman!) and insisted I put it on. As I was walked into the fest the mini snowballs (I know, I know… grapple) started to fall. The snow looked so cool on my navy blue poncho! Someone took a picture of me… perhaps they’ll read this and email it to me?

xoxo R

Didn’t it hail in 2004? I think that was the year. That’s how I met John McNair and Bevin Owens for the first time since my girlfriends and I ran for the nearest EZ UP…

ahhhhhh . . . it was so cool to see the sea of snow coming close and closer over the mountains! one of me fave sights!

JR thanks for the clip, we must have been right next to each other?

I recognized our sunflower blanket, empty at the time, as I said we got in a Tad late for the Duhks, right next to where you must have been located.

I google’d it - I think it’s called “gropple”:


Gropple, then hot and sunny – only in Telluride!!!