TBF Camp tips/tricks

Getting close. 3 weeks and 3 days till Monica and I leave Tulsa for Telluride! The excitement builds daily. We’re busy gathering last minute supplies, costumes and going through all our gear cleaning and packing. Which made me think, all of us have some really cool camp tricks, and tips we could share. I love when I’m in someone else’s camp and see a genius camp hack. So here’s a few we do that really helps, especially at TBF.

Sleeping. We use a fairly regular 3 person backpacking tent with two vestibules. The tent fits a standard queen matress with small amount of room on all the sides. We use a 4 inch insulated airmatress with a down comforter on top, then fit it with sheets and use a heavy wool blanket, with back up sleeping bags for the extra cold nights. We’ve never needed an external heat source, and we bring an extra set of sheets to swap out mid-week. I highly suggest putting an insulated layer between yourself and any form of air bed, especially the full sized ones.

Bring a three 5 gallon buckets. Use one for compost, one for landfill, and one for recycle. Makes trips to the dumpsters easy, buckets can be rinsed out. Don’t forget to dump your compost Sunday night!

Pre made frozen meals like chili, stew, etc… are easy to re-heat and saves tons of cooking time!

Soon as you get your basic camp set up, if you don’t already know your neighbors, go meet them! You very well might be starting a lifelong friendship.

Try to avoid bringing single use plastic, refillable water is available everywhere!

No matter what campground you are in, the best advice you can get is get there as early as you possibly are allowed!

I’m certain there’s a ton of great suggestions out there, what else?


Good suggestions!


  • Solar lights to light pathways and protect tent stakes /strings
  • freeze your drinking water, it can keep your cooler cold as it thaws.

Another thing that has greatly effected our pack in/out times is have everything possible stored in large plastic tubs. Makes loading and unloading simpple, and you have storage during festival that will keep stuff dry, or keep chipmunks out of your food supply!


Ooohhh, those rascally chipmunks…

Wondering about transporting gear from car to campsite (no vehicle pass and I’m assuming we don’t unload our vehicle right at the site we pick), and from campsite into fest. We’ll probably have our big backpacks to carry most of our stuff to the campsite if we can’t unload next to it, but is a collapsible wagon a good idea for hauling gear, tubs, coolers? Can the wagon be brought into the festival? We’d have to buy one, but it would be useful to have.

Depends on which campground. Wagons are good, and can go in festival. If your at Mary E you can drive to your site and unload, Lawson unload at entrance and haul in, Warner and parts of TP are unload at entrance and haul in to site.

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oh sorry, we’re at TP. should have mentioned that. :slight_smile: We have zone 1 passes too.

you’ll have to unload and haul into Z1. Best come early!

A collapsible wagon is definitely a good thing to have, both for hauling your stuff to and from your campsite, and if you plan to bring a bunch of stuff into the Festival. I have one and glad I bought it!

It can be quite a ways from your car to a site in Zone 1!

Pool noodles to keep rain from pooling on your EZ Ups.