TBF 2020: Can we get the OLD Kasey back?

After Kasey Musgraves’ first appearance at TBF, I’ve been hoping she’d return. That performance was a highlight of that year for me - so funny, so fun, so surprising! Though I didn’t like her new album as much as her first two, that could be because I wore those out listening so much. So I was thrilled to see her on the schedule this year.

Umm…wha’ happened? The “Vegas show” left me highly disappointed.

I know that many other festivarians LOVED the show - I heard people singing along with her new music, and dancing along with the band. But I’ll take the old Kasey, with the back-up band of cowboys in lit-up clothes, her hilarious songs, her fabulous boots and her overall joy.

Of course, Brandi’s set was the cure I needed. A stunninginly fantastic performance!

Sorry for the rant, but after looking forward to that KM show SO MUCH I just had to vent. I’ll go away now…

I’m a massive fan of “real country” music. I’ve said it before but folks like KM are nothing more than American Idol style imposters on the country scene. Her show solidly backs up my theory, and shows her true colors, including that auto tune which I’m sure is present on her albums, as I’m 100% certain she is a complete fake, except she’s kinda cute, which I’m sure is the only reason she got a record contract in the beginning.

I found nothing more wrong with her set, that I wasn’t already expecting. In fact I was long gone from the main stage and listening from camp when my ears started bleeding, as she absolutely Raped what is officially the Oklahoma State Rock Song ‘Do You Realize’ by The Flaming Lips. An amazing song sung so terribly even with auto tune.

I for one hope PB steers far and wide away from these one hit wonder, pop country, american idol, talentless hacks in the future. I’ve seen her perform when she was coming up 9-10 years ago. It’s the same fake show now as it was then.

We were mostly just bored during her set. Also bemused by all the folks singing and dancing. Figured it was an act to bring folks in for the remaining Sunday only tickets. Absolutely could have done without it and why not continue the faves into Sunday evening? Missed Infamous Stringdusters immensely, now that would’ve been a great sunset set!

I learned many years ago not to disparage anyone else’s taste in music. Just because it might not be mine doesn’t invalidate the listening experience and passion of someone else. While Kasey has gone much more pop in her direction, I can’t help but be happy for her recent success.

To another point about Kasey, did anyone notice who was in her band on cello and keyboards? It was none other than Nathaniel (Nat) Smith in the back left of the band, wearing a sparkly silver headband. Nat is a very accomplished cellist in his own right, with a wonderful album called “Arrhythmia” from a few years back. He toured with Sarah Jarosz for five years, including appearances at TBF. He also appeared in Telluride a couple years ago as part of Jeremy Kittel’s band and is on Kittel’s wonderful “Whorls” album that came out shortly after they played Telluride. He was with Kasey in her most recent “Austin City Limits” taping, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I wonder how such a serious musician is now a part of that band - it must pay the bills.

Agree. Set was not to my taste but I saw lots of happy people. That is so nice to see. I was thrilled by the Brandi Carlile set that followed, in fact I thought Sunday had some extraordinary sets and the focus on women in bluegrass was fantastic.

I do want to point out something in this thread that has made me uncomfortable. I don’t feel that anyone should lightly throw around the term raped in a discussion here. I read that comment in this thread and it really has thrown me.

One of the things I truly love about the festival and festivarians is the kindness and the genuine welcome to others. I also love that the festival is so respectful to our planet and each other. Unlike some other music festivals I attend I never feel any aggression, it’s just so chilled and lovely.

Thanks for thinking about this festivarians. Not trying to preach

I totally agree with that in regards to a lot of mainstream country artists these days (Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line, etc.), but I couldn’t disagree more about Kasey. She’s definitely got a more polished vibe these days, but her early stuff is fantastic. She’s a clever and deep song writer and a fantastic singer (when she’s not using auto-tune). “Arrow” is an amazing song from her early days, and there are many other amazing performances out there. Look up some videos of her playing songs with just her guitar on YouTube to see what I mean about her ability. My personal favorite is this one, where she sings a song she wrote about John Prine to John Prine on stage. No frills, just Kasey and her guitar. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6A-pRJxCKR8

That all being said, I found her set this year rather flat and it had me wishing I had seen her several years ago when she came through.

Sorry Lesley. I meant no ill usage, and do feel that strongly about music played poorly. I use that word in its usage as a vulger act committed by a human. I’ll be more aware in the future of how I communicate.

Thank you, appreciate that