TBF 2007

i’m not sure how often people check/post to this board, and i know it’s pretty soon after the festival for recordings to be up, but if anyone needs help circulating cd-r copies to begin circulation, i’m glad to help for any/all of the sets taped at this year’s festival. obviously, there’s some selfishness involved here, but there were so many amazing sets that i think people will want to hear, as well.


zack a.

I would also be interested in obtaining as many of these as possible. Preferably through BT or FTP downloads, but wouldn’t mind hard copies either.


For those that taped sessions this year, I’d be happy to separate anything you have into individual tracks between now and Rockygrass to help you out.
I can handle flac files and create 16 or 24 bit files as required. PM me for details on how to transfer the originals.
I can do more after Rockygrass as well, since I’m retired, so feel free to contact me if you need help. :cheers