Tarp Run Video (FIXED, sorta)

just a little something to get everyone a little excited as ya’ll seem a little uninspired about the festival :lol :lol


What’s it under? I don’t see it. :flower :flower :flower

:talk :talk :talk :talk :talk

We’re all wondering that…


whewwwwwww and I thought I just wasn’t gettin it :lol Maybe i’ll smoke another and see what comes of it…

Mark, you’re keeping us all hanging here…

There is this video on YouTube:


Is that Trina in the peach tank?


Wow. You found my video. Cool.


Is that yours Dean? Really? wow… so is that Trina?


It sure looked like Trina to me! :flower

Sorry about that guys. :flower For some reason the link the the video will not copy properly. Anyway to watch the slide show, look under the Blog Archives (on the left side of the screen) go into 2006, then go into June and it is the second entry :cheers.

Great slide show and WONDERFUL Music! Love it! Thanks for the link!

Hope Lin

Oh that was spectacularly wonderful! (tears of excitement in my eyes!)
Can we go NOW???

It’s no surprise that I’m not in that slide show. I’m usually running so fast that all you see is a blur of tie-dye. :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop

I think I can see myself. RUN BLUE TARP, RUN!!!

Is there 2 differnt lines to the tarp run, 1 for town park and 1 for all the rest? How does it work? not sure… :huh

One Line for Town Park and Warner Field

One line for The Town of Telluride and the remaining campgrounds/condos

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

Thanks for all the help…Auntie Hope, :cheers
witch line is closer to the front… Do they pass out numbers in both lines?

They are equidistant and both have individual numbers handed out. They typically let both lines in evenly with the same numbers from each line going about the same time.

It may seem to some that Town Park has the advantage, but the honest truth is that there’s a lot fewer people in Town Park than the town itself so it just appears that way. :cheers