:wave Now that I have your attention, can someone either direct me to the proper thread or explain this tarp run thing to this Festivirgin. :flower

I need it on the level of TARP RUN for DUMMIES or TARP RUN FOR IDIOTS :festivarian

Just watch this!


Young Padawan,
As a new member of Kamp Duktape you can watch and cheer our crew on the first day. If you want to participate after that you’ll be welcome to grab a tarp and join the frenzy.

Let us show you how we do it; I think you’ll like our style.

Wow…I feel so honored to be a new member of Kamp Duktape. Thank you. I will wait for Expertvarian instruction. :kitty

And thank you Hot Sugar for the video. All those tarps look exactly alike!!!

The video Sugar posted is pretty instructional. It’s the madness leading up to the actual run itself that falls into the category of “you have to see it to believe it.” It’s a lot to explain but once you see it you’ll understand completely.

Pretty much everything at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival falls into the category of “you have to see it to believe it.”

:lol :lol :lol

I think Paul Hoffman would concur with that when the newbie was reading the Crunchy Frog rules ( the slowest reading ever) while Ginger was “distracting” said newbie.

I keep seeing that term Crunchy Frog bantered around these here parts. I am afraid to even ask.

If offered one, please call the authorities.

It’s really quite simple as the weather in Telluride gets warmer the frogs go through a metamorphosis of sorts. They start to dehydrate and actually take on a “crunchy consistency”. This corresponds with the mating season for these frogs and as a result all of Town Park (especially the area where Run A Muck’s camp is located) become over run with the crispy critters and you can’t help but step on many of them through out the day, and when you step on them they CRUNCH! Therefore they become Crunchy Frogs! It really quite sad as the little buggers are in the throws of passion you step on them and spoil their fun. Just one of the things you must adapt to in Town Park! :pirate

That is very sad. I actually like frogs. I save spiders from my bathroom sink. Crunching a loved starved frog sounds just awful!!! :frowning:

I guess I will have to persevere through Crunchy Frog…but hoping I don’t do so in flip flops. :rolleyes

Look for the asshole in the jedi robe, and you’ve found me!

Tarp run is rite of passage for run a muck festival virgins. You’ll be thankful for line duty after rumballs and crunchy frog shots. Do not despair , all will come clear in dye time.

Oh, so there are Crunch Frog shots :cheers to honor the real crunch(y)(ed) frogs.

Yup. The recipe is known to very few, but it is rumored to have pureed bits of crunched frogs.

This thread made me very home sick for Town Park! I had to take a year off, but I’d like to think that AlohaGirl took my ticket this year and is enjoying it for the both of us. Your first TBF… there’s really nothing like it…