"Tarp Line / Run" shelved for random and supervised method of entry into venue

It’s actually hard to believe, but it looks like waiting up overnight (or at least one’s chair) is now a thing of the past.

According to new info on website, there were issues pertaining to liability resulting from a minor injury sustained by a aged festivarian attempting to gain entry to the festival in 2017.

In addition to random numbers assigned at 8am each day, there will be a system of “festival chaparones” (volunteers) who will escort and walk number holders to their preferred location. Complete details of new system will be forthcoming shortly.

Impressive move by PBG! A positive in my opinion. :medal :wink:

:lol :lol :lol :lol :cheers
Oh, I see what you did here!

Glad to see the big “news of the day” is being taken in stride! :cheers

huh? :evil :cheers :cheers

There will be a small, well organised protest. The big issues :grinning::grinning::two_hearts:

One ought not take their “eye off of the ball”.

All kidding (kind of) aside, glad to hear you might be able to make it after all … regardless of whether you’re “carrying signs, mostly say, hooray for our side” :cheers :flower

Just read about another big upcoming change / addition slated for this year, a new “EDM stage” will be setup:


Love it! See you in June :grinning:

I know that yesterday was Easter…but it was also April Fools Day!

It took a little work, but we were able to find a photo of one of them festival chaperones. :cheers

[quote author=BuckeyeDog link=topic=31880.msg140256#msg140256 date=1522772952]
It took a little work, but we were able to find a photo of one of them festival chaperones. :cheers


:lol :medal

Profound indeed.

Edm was here in May and we built 5 here at the Texas Renaissance festival for a game of thrones style party… It was called Middlelands
Crazy for the neighbors who didn’t quite understand what bass is… Big community uproar come Monday following… The news caught some lady saying it sounded like the horns of satan … Another said she couldn’t stop from shaking she wanted to just die and I actually think we had some issue with a llama having a heart attack… Either way it was a hell of a show… The kids were respectful but a lil messy… Insomniac crew did a smash up job striking the scene as well as made some significant improvements to our venue… :thumbsup. Sad to say the powers that be couldn’t handle how much of an impact they had on the area. Pasquale was not invited back and I’m still on the fence about the llama drama.

Does such a thing really exist? Should we be afraid? :huh :huh :huh

:deer :rock :devil. Fearest thou not!! the San Miguel is holy water so no worries

Reading this late, so I didn’t have my April fool’s shield on. Trides systems definitely favor large groups a lil too much. Any approach that looks to spread out advantages to smaller groups and individuals would be welcome.

Or maybe they just need an official large group draft. Wednesday night tryouts after firstgrass! This year’s top prospect can high-five 17 times an hour and always holds the porta potty door for the next occupant.

Yeah, but the radio waves make it out this way … I keep hearing commercials on 1100 am from GJ that include mentions about “Lucifer” and the “Devil” who are active and among us. With a near drought, not sure if we’re doomed to :burn ???

First thing they taught us in the fire academy…
wet stuff on the red stuff

There is no doubt you have powerful hopes and personlized ideas on myriads of topics and these are what makes you a significant unique individual and for that we are all blessed to know you as you… it was great to know you just in case we all :burn.
If not… Well that’s alright too.
(And since we’ve veered so far off topic :thumbsup
I think the first lesson this year is going to be)
Wet Red Stuff!
:woohoo Bloody Mary Monday… :cheers