Tarp Line Policy - Town side?

When is the earliest you can get in line for the next day Tarp Line? I have only done the town park line side.

Wondering about what time on Friday do I need to drop a chair for Saturday.

Thank you

Follow link to Festavarian codes and scroll down to “tarp line policy”

FYI, that link was for Folks Festival tarp line policy. Here is the Telluride link:

Tarp Line Policy - Town Side (General Admission)

No line may form before 5pm on Wednesday before the Festival

*** You must be physically present in line at all times - no empty chairs!**

  • Unattended chairs will be kindly moved out of line.
  • Numbers will be handed out each morning prior to the gates opening.
  • Even after receiving your number, you must stay in line - reasonable bathroom/coffee breaks aside.
  • Per Town ordinance, you may not camp in line - this means no tents, no cooking, and no sleeping.
  • One number, one person, one (10’x10’) tarp.
  • Festivarians with numbers will be admitted into the Festival in order, one at a time, after going through the standard Customs procedure.
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Good catch! Thanks for getting the right info linked.