Tapers or PBG people: Looking for an mp3 of Mr. Sandman

I love making mixes/playlists for the drive out to Telluride and this year I wanted to start off with the Mr. Sandman track that they use for sound checks, perhaps followed by the horserace/tarp run song.

Anybody have an audio file of these?

I can’t wait… as always!!!


Mr. soundman is by Pat Donohue…you should probably hunt around and see if you can find it one iTunes/Amazon somewhere you can pay for it first. If not, I’m sure you’ll find it somewhere.

The tarp run is just the William Tell Overture, done up Banjo Style…Not sure whose version they’re using, but someone on the planet can tell you the definitive version.

I don’t think I could listen to that except in Town Park though…when the music starts, my feet start running!

Don’t forget the bagpipes

Mr. SOUNDman.
Turn it up, please! :rock

Mr. Soundman!

you can find it here:



Thanks all!!! Ahh soundman makes so much more sense. I blame the altitude!