Tapers - let me help!

If anyone who has taped a show would like to pass on the burden of tracking/editing/whatever, I would be delighted to help out. Just PM me and I’ll let you know what I have time to undertake. I have pro level software and hardware, and the critical ears to do it right.

Many thanks to all the tapers and artists who allow us to listen again and again.

email me at prennix a-t gmail dart com. (please email-copy me on replies to the forum)

I am looking for someone(s) to:

make up text files, use CD wave to track, and flac front end to flac, then reupload.

they will already be in 16/44.1, normed, with fades in and out of the beginning and end. Tracks will need to be divided according to their content - w/banter going along with the appropriate track.

let me know if you have time to do these quickly and we can chat.


Hi Paul, I sent you an email last night - did you get it?