Taper's Catalog -- why not post your music on the internet?

I taped some great live music from the mid-70s. These are old audio cassettes 30 to 35 years old. I’ve posted links to these tapes on the Festivarian Forum this past year, but 75% of these shows were bit torrent sources only. Now I have them also circulating on The Internet Archive. The music files are available in all popular formats.

I just put together a simple website – a Taper’s Catalog, if you will. It’s a demo, maybe a bit of a shrine to the boys.

Taper’s Catalog website


Many older musicians have lots of old tapes of their music. Maybe they want to put some of it out there for posterity. Some musicians may want to freely circulate their life’s work on the internet. I have the skills, equipment, knowledge and experience to be your digital archivist. I can:

  • repair your old audio cassettes
  • perform high quality audio cassette playback
  • transfer your audio cassettes into digital recordings
  • digitally remaster your tapes into audio CD format
  • prepare your remastered filesets for internet publication and circulation
  • publicly circulate your filesets on The Internet Archive
  • publicly circulate your filesets as bit torrents on the internet
  • transfer your old photos, retouch them, and re-fit them
  • design and create your computer graphics
  • design, layout and create your webpages
  • design and create your website
  • transfer your biography, your musicianship history, and your artforms
  • provide the links to all your dot-com sites and your myspace site, or visa-versa
  • edit and maintain the above

I’m thinking this is like an encyclopedia or like wikipedia on the internet. In this case, you get to determine what to publish and circulate, and how you achieve it - not the Record Company, their producers, or their shareholders. Maybe there are living relatives of well-known musicians who have passed away. What remains are old cassettes and tapes, photos, documents, and living musicians and relatives who desire to publish this important history on the internet. I can be your digital archivist and do the technical work for you while you are managing the biography side of it. Take a look at my Taper’s Catalog. Imagine you are substituting your material into my website, for example. Why let your precious music and history wind up in a landfill? Why allow your valuable tapes, photos and documents to deteriorate and decompose? Some of this might be priceless. The Public would love to share your music and get the facts correctly.

Please feel free to comment on this or contact me about your projects. I encourage you to help me preserve your live music for posterity, and get the history correct for the record. Thanks for reading and letting me post this here. Enjoy the live music listed below performed by these wonderful musicians. Please purchase their CDs and albums. Seven of them have passed away, and may they rest in peace: Jerry Garcia, Keith Godcheaux, Vassar Clements, John Hartford, Josh Graves, Courtney Johnson, and Richard Lieberson.


my Tapes include:

Grateful Dead + Allman Bros (no ABB) - an orgy of sound!
RFK Stadium, Washington, DC - June 9 / 10, 1973

Norman Blake, Tut Taylor, Sam Bush,
Vassar Clements, John Hartford and Dave Holland
NY Academy of Music - New York City - April 7, 1974

Central Park Sheiks
The People’s Warehouse - Greenwich Village, NYC - May xx, 1974

Josh Graves set, Norman Blake set, Vassar Clements set
Take It Easy Ranch Bluegrass Festival - Callaway, MD - July 20, 1974

Hillbilly Jazz band w/ Vassar Clements and Doug Jernigan
Exit / In - Nashville, TN - April 4 / 5, 1975

Bluegrass Alliance w/ Vince Gill
Great Midwestern Bluegrass Music Hall - Louisville, KY - Sept 23, 1975

Newgrass Revival
Bluegrass Renaissance - Louisville, KY - Sept 28, 1975

Boone Creek w/ Ricky Scaggs, Jerry Douglas, Vince Gill
Holiday Inn lounge - Louisville, KY - March xx, 1976

Lazy River w/ Vince Gill
Oak Street Pub - Birmingham, AL - August 15, 1976

Lazy River w/ Mark O’Connor
Great Midwestern Bluegrass Music Hall - Louisville, KY - Oct xx, 1976

Arabesque w/ Mike Scap
Gaslight Tavern - Estes Park, CO - Oct xx, 1980

Awesome collection. I’m downloading the NGR set right now and I’ll probably have to get more of them later :). :thumbsup

Dear Monte -

May I please have a copy of everything you have in your collection?

Thank you.

your friend,

Bluegrass Dustin

(awesome work…keep sharing with us, please.)

Dear Monte, Me too. How much do I need to send?