Superpickers 1989-04-11 w/ Tony, Sam, Jerry, Bela and 17 y/o Allison Krauss

I just put up this re-seed. Leech it! Incredible performance!!! Sounds great! Tony is on fire. All of them. Not having this show is just plain stupid.

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The Superpickers w/ Allison Krauss
The Birchmere Theater
Alexandria, Virginia

Source: Beyer M201s > SONY D5 > MASTER CASSETTES (Maxell MX90) > VHS HiFi(MaxellXL120); Taped by Med
Transfer: JVC HRS9911 > Gold Plated Monster Cables > M-Audio Audiophile 2496 > Sound Forge 8 PCM44.1/16bit (no processing) > CD Wave > Flac: Transferred by Dub Irie 2006-07-09

Total Time: 2:36:28
2 CDs


Tony Rice - Guitar-Vocals
Sam Bush - Mandolin-Fiddle-Vocals
Bela Fleck - Banjo
Jerry Douglas - Dobro
Mark Shatz - Upright Bass

with special guest...
Allison Krauss - Vocals-Fiddle


Disk 1

01 - Nine Pound Hammer
02 - Cold On The Shoulder
03 - Natchez Trace 
04 - Blue Railroad Train 
05 - Ralph's Banjo Special (Sam)
06 - Cry, Cry Darling (Allison)
07 - Intros
08 - I Wonder Where You Are Tonight 
09 - Little Sadie (Tony)
10 - Up Around The Bend
11 - Talking
12 - Home From The Forest
13 - Sunny Side Of The Mountain
14 - Talking
15 - Down In The Swamp (Bela)
16 - Wayfaring Stranger (Tony)
17 - John Hardy
18 - A New Day (Jerry Solo "Medley")
19 - Spain (Jerry and Bela)
20 - Talking

Disk 1 Time: 78:51

Disk 2

21 - Jump Cricket Jump (Mark and Allison)
22 - White Water
23 - Clapping/Talking
24 - Ginseng Sullivan (Tony)
25 - The Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn (Allsion)
26 - Emphysema Two-Step (Jerry)
27 - Talking
28 - Fare Thee Well
29 - Sally Goodin (Allison, Bela)
30 - Message To The Other Side (Allison)
31 - Poor Richard's Bues (Sam)
32 - Tuning
33 - Mollie and Tenbrooks
34 - Slipstream (Bela)
35 - Baby Why You Been Gone So Long
36 - Talking
37 - The Lights of Home
38 - Me and My Guitar (Tony - 15 mins!)

Disk 2 Time: 77:37

This is a monster of a show…a super crispy recording from one of the greatest acoustic music venues ever - The Birchmere. Tony Rice is superb both vocally and on the guitar…and you can’t ever go wrong with Sam, Bela and Jerry! Allison Krauss, probably all of 17 years old at the time who played with the Tony Rice Unit through the previous year, adds a new dimension and foreshadows her Grammy winning greatness in this early-in-her-career recording.

This 1st Gen AUD generally sounds as good as an SBD to me - the differences would be the clapping (unusually loud between some of the songs), and input-level jockeying between songs in an effort to mute applause. As a result, some level variances exist from the source recording that I did not mess with digitally. It is frankly better to leave it alone, IMO.

Overall this sounds amazing…

If you like bluegrass at all, this show is highly recommended. - Dub Irie

:wave Monte will you be at TBF???

Very nice, thankyou.

It’s very unlikely. I cannot afford this. But, having met many of you here on Festivarian, I could probably get up the courage to go to TBF or Rocky Grass - after all these years.

I almost did it last year. I purchased 2 RG tix. Wound up selling them. Made a friend.

My whole scene is, has always been, and will continue to be, seeing all of you having a good time.

Courage to go to fest, I think not good man. You would be surrounded by folks who adore you and want to thank you for all of your priceless, timeless downloads… seems only right. :flower bummer

hey, can anyone advise me on how to download this file!
I know it sounds stupid but I’m on a Apple Mac and I’ve never used torrents before, I would appreciate any help or advice as this show sounds amazing…


no worries, I figured it out!

Listened to this show last night, its soooooo good it hurts!!!
Absolutely love Alison singing “The Darkest Hour is Just Before Dawn” one of the best versions I’ve heard, awesome…

Thanks for making this available 420Sugaree :thumbsup