Has anyone EVER takin’ a realitivly warm shower from a sunshower(black solar bag)… :huh Great concept though…

I think they work great, very warm water, used a camp neighbors’ last year and put it on the list…
and Santa brought us one for Christmas, 5 gal capacity, enough to get wet, lather up, wash hair and toes,
and rinse, however…
wish someone could move Orvis hot springs to TP for the week
thats the ticket :abduct

I’ve found that it takes all day to get it warm enough so it’s not so good for a morning shower.
When I’ve used mine I warm up water on the camp stove and pour it in. :flower

I have one and in my experience it really only works if it’s hot enough outside that you don’t really care if you have warm water or not.

dont tell anyone but we have HOT showers in our Camp

Miki, I think Ron was talking to you. :flower

Ron, Stop making the Hippie’s dog deliver all your messages. :lol

:woohoo :dance :woohoo :dance :woohoo :dance :woohoo :dance :woohoo

Gotta have Toys !!!
Im soooooooooooo gonna shut up now .

weell i feed the Pup pup bacon … soo he better do sumpthing for me

:wave OK give, tell me how to hookup a solar panel for my sunshower…I think this would be the way to go… :medal

I use them on river trips all the time. They work great. One thing I would recommend though is making sure you have one with a temperature strip. They can get amazingly hot when left in the sun all day and sometimes you need to add cold water to them.

Really that is news, that would be great…!!

Never used one but I’ve heard good things about them. They continue to sell well enough so I’d assume that some of them work at least.

maybe if you fill it after the last act and use it before sunrise :evil