Summers over (not here). Who's ready for Lotto!

What a crazy not non climate or otherwise changing summer. Feel lucky and in love with being alive. Lost friends and family this year, while gaining friends and family along the way, with new human beings’ born this year who are both family and friend. Without a doubt this year has lost some musical hero’s, too many to soon. Luckily we’ve got fall approaching and with it a the breath of new life. Another year ends, yet soon a new year begins, and in between our precious lottery.

I’ve put in 6 different years for the lottery, this will be my 7th and hopefully 4th TBF. I’ve never had the luck of being drawn, only the luck of good festivarians. Hopefully this year the luck will be in all our favor and we’ll all be standing on the same tarp!

Dang, We are 1-0 on the lotto. What a great first Bluegrass!
Teamed up with the A team, Todd & Krewe, Brad & Krewe, and
Bloody Mary Dan & Krewe.
Not sure we could do Bluegrass without Town Park/Warner Field camping.
Hope to make it back in 2020.

Out the door this Monday for Telluride Blues & Brews. We need a break
from 100* heat.