Subscribing to the forum using your e-mail

These instructions were taken from the Yahoo Festivarian list.
If there’s any corrections let me know, and I’ll add it to the FAQ later…

— Matthew Price wrote:

And Brian added:

[QUOTE]Great idea on the That looks like I great tool.

I added a couple RSS link/buttons to the main forum page that contain
the RSS links. To subscribe to the entire forum, click on the little
blue button at the bottom of the main page next to “Festivarian
Forum.” To subscribe to the RSS feed for a particular board, use the
button/link next to the board’s name on the main page.

The trick is that you have to specify how many recent posts to include
in the feed. To modify this value, you’ll need to edit the “limit=”
part of the URL when you enter it into your feed-reader or RssFwd. By
default I have these set to 10 for the whole forum and 5 for the
individual boards.

on Planet Bluegrass

Does any one know how I can get Thunderbird to display the forum instead of the limited pared down email snippet for posts. It used to but I changed something and can’t figure out what

I’ll save this one from auto deletion as well. :thumbsup