Stuff to bring to Song School and/or Folks Festival

As a result of answering the most recent post, I thought it might be fun to start a thread of “Stuff to bring to Song School and Folks Festival that you might forget.” Years ago I made my own list. I’ll get it started, other folks can chime in.

Sleeping bag, tent, instrument, clothes.

Rain coat & Umbrella (remember “Soaks Fest” in 2008?)

Wool cap, gloves - these used to be necessary, but because of global warming, no longer so.
Jeans, light jacket - it still gets into the 50’s at night.

towel, soap, shampoo
razor, shaving cream (not applicable to women and bearded hipsters.)

Earplugs. (in case you’re camped next to one of those people who gets up at 6 in the morning and likes to talk outside your tent. Or in case YOU like to get up at 6 in the morning, and there’s a song circle that goes until 2am outside of YOUR tent. Earplugs = Tolerance)

Flashlight for walking between song circles at night (or finding your way to the bathroom at night).
Latern for your campsite.

Watch. (Unless you carry your cellphone everywhere.)

Notebooks and pens.
Songs in progress to work on or get feedback on.
Handheld recorder for capturing song ideas. (or laptop or smartphone)
Capos, picks, extra strings, clip on tuner.

A guitar stand is nice to have, but might not make the cut if you’re traveling by air.

Your merch (if you have some) to sell on Thursday night.

Last but not least… your Folks Festival TICKET!!!

Thanks very much for all of the information Mr. Tre!

Very helpful.

Is the parking situation for song school similar to Folks Fest where we park at Bohn Park and hike to the festival grounds or can we park closer to where we will be camping?

For Song School, if you camp on the main campground, you can have your car at your campsite if you want. If you’re staying for Folks Fest and bought a car permit, you’re all set. If not, you’ll have to move your car to Bohn Park by noon on Thursday.

If you camp backstage, cars are not allowed. After unloading, you can park your car at the back of the main campground. Then you have to move it by noon on Thursday to Bohn Park.

That’s how it was in past years, it’s possible that the policy has changed, so check with Planet Bluegrass.


Thanks for the clarification Tre!

Yes, according to Laura at PB that is still the parking policy for SS: cars must be moved from the campground by noon on Thursday. Since I won’t be camping for the FF itself I’m assuming that I can bring my truck back over to reload the camping gear once SS ends?

To answer your last question: yes. All of this will be explained at the orientation first thing Monday morning. Since it’s your first time, you want to be sure to attend that.